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Tobacco Tin – El Paso, TX

Submitted by Rob on June 3, 2008 – 11:49 pm13 Comments

Tobacco TinTobacco Tin is located in El Paso, Texas located snuggly in the “westside” across from Sunland Park Mall.

Pricing of cigars is always an important factor for any shop – and this shop was some what unique in their pricing practices that I feel I must dwell upon. Let me start by saying Tobacco Tin had quite a selection of cigars, especially in comparison to the other cigar store Kern Place Cigars which is located just a few miles away.

The large selection and the pricing practices lead me confused: Acid cigars were priced higher ($4.25) than the Oliva G ($3.99). They were selling “cigar bundles” – that I think I remember getting at the last Big Smoke event from Cusano. However the bundle was cheaper than just buying a single Cusano stick; this was a good thing for me yet very odd.

Opus X was priced gouged more than I had ever seen at any shop averaging about $40.00 a stick. I said AVERAGE because regardless of the size, let me say this again: regardless of the size, it sat around the same price. This upset me.

Tobacco Tin did not have any visitors in the shop and only one worker. The worker was very nice and friendly to acknowledge me the second I stepped in. However he then proceeded to go into the humidor, pull up a stool in the middle, and watch me like a hawk. Again I am not happy.

I felt pressured. I felt rushed. I think he had even convinced me that I was going to steal something by looking over my shoulder every time I picked up a stick with my back turned to him. This forced me to hastily choose a stick, pay, and walk right out of the store. Thanks Tobacco Tin!

On Another Note: Some of the cigars in Tobacco Tin were over humidified. So if you go in there to purchase some sticks please remember that you may not be able to smoke them right away.

Tobacco Tin
745 S Mesa Hills Dr.
El Paso, TX 79912
(915) 584-0945

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  • Oscar Montes says:

    Did you make your concern known to the management of just come here to whine about it?
    If he wants to follow you around like a butler waiting hand and foot on the rich master, why not take advantage of this, fool? Hand him your selection so you don’t have to carry it around! Such prices should come with service and if he wants to give it, let him! Some people are so stupid. Live like us rich people and let the masses cater to you for a nickel!

  • Cigar Boss says:

    Thank you for your comment in regards to my posting.

    I do notify all cigar shops / cigar lounges prior to making a posting.

    Before I even notified them of my post to be – I did mention my concerns in person.

    This does bring to light a good point: Everyone defines the service they desire and it’s not always going to be the same as the next person.

    Thank you for your comments.

  • Jay T. Lee Ph.D. says:

    I found Tobacco Tin today. The person working was very pleasant and helpful. He and I visited a bit. He didn’t follow me around the humidor. I felt no pressure to hurry. (Maybe I have an honest face?) I bought a reasonably priced cigar (a very nice Partagas). The Arturo Fuente Hemingways that I enjoy were similarly priced as other shops around El Paso (a bit expensive). Selection was above average, large humidor, fully stocked. No evidence of over-humidification.

    Pipe tobacco selection was more limited.

    I was satisfied and will go back.

  • Cigar Boss says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

    Enjoy the site,

  • Cigarman70 says:

    …In reference to the above review about Tobacco Tin, I’d like to encourage visitors to El Paso to visit the shop and come to your own conclusions. I’ve frequented Tobacco Tin for nearly 3 years and have not experienced what was mentioned. True, everyone has their good and bad days but I’d much rather pay more for a cigar and get treated better rather than what I experienced over at Kerns.

    …I’ve visited Kerns on several seperate occassions only to be glared at, and greeted with a grumbled huff as if I were bothering him and more less made it known that he (the owner) didn’t want to business with me (or my kind-I’m not a white male.) This is from the owner himself mind you. I even frequented his newer place on the Eastside only to be treated the same way by him.

    …He and I do not have past history. He doesn’t know me from Adam and I honestly think he could give a damn whether I spent money in his store or not. I honestly believe that he judges people based on racial stereotypes which is why I choose to stay with Tobacco Tin to this very day. I’m not here to down talk the owner of Kerns but it’s best that he realize that you get back what you give out.

    • PuroMan says:

      I don’t usually respond to the comments of others, but I thought it prudent to add my two cents. First, I am sorry you had that experience, I am not white either, and have had that experience throughout my life. I am a competitor of Kern Place and have known the owner for over 18 months, while a patron. I have never felt that way, on the contrary, he has always been welcoming and a delight to converse with. That accusation is easy to sling and shouldn’t be thrown out there. The owner may not have greeted as warmly as you wanted, but it doesn’t give you the right to go there, without something solid.

  • MANNY says:


    • Joey says:

      I have visited Tobacco Rd. Adam, the owner, has been nothing but nice to me. He has always treated me with great respect and always tries to help out. It is a great store and frequent it often. His prices are competitive and service is outstanding.

  • Mark says:

    I have frequented the Tabacco Tin for 4 years and find each visit enjoyable; the selection is excellent, I have no problems with a “helpful” sales person. One other note with regards to “over-humidified” cigars– in a desert @ 4000 feet of altitude; it is better to have the cigars stored at higher humidity, the buyer can than determine when they can best be smoked..

  • kent says:

    i have gone to Tabacco RD he’s a newbe just geten going and all,the owner their’s a great guy freindly make s the effort to see you get what you need, the back of the place is gettin a make over and will be a kickn spot, the dudes cool good good smokes/cigars i like the joint, a purchased a aurthuo funtes spelling? well thats what i think, i been smoke pipe tabaco and cigars for over 35yrs..

  • Steve-o says:

    I can believe how i was treated today (4/6/11). I walked in to the store and immediately the man behind the counter rolled his eyes at me and my wife as well looked at their Zippo lighters. Mind you I am a 27 year old and has a 3/4 sleeve tattoo. He eye balled us while we looked at the lighters. I have bought many cigars from this place before and never had any issues. As i walked into the Humidor, the man jumped from the counter and demanded to see an I.D. As I reached for my wallet I noticed he was upset. I laughed and said that’s funny always purchase cigars by the box and have never been questioned. Let me mention that I am Law enforcement officer, and support I.D. checks by any establishment that sells tobacco or alcohol. He looks at me and say I’m the owner, I can do what ever I want. At this point I looked at him and smiled and walked out. I am shocked how customer service has gone out the window. Its funny how some people get a little money and get cocky and treat people like sh!t. Needless to say I will no longer purchase any thing from this store. Its too bad, I’ve seen him treat his customers from Mexico like kings and treats his local american law enforcement customers like trash 2nd class customers.

  • Garry says:

    I have purchased tobacco at tobacco tin and never have had any (wet) tobacco. The tobacco is of the highest quality that can be expected from pipe tobacco. Can not give an opinion on the cigars, as I do not smoke them.

  • smokingsoldier says:

    The only thing negative I have to say about the store is the Hours. I am Army, and just like the officer above I have alot of tattoos, almost 2 sleeves. But the customer service was superb, the selection wonderful, and quality great. Prices werent bad. Like I said the hours is my only complaint. I was stationed here three months and have been trying to make it to the shop since I found out about it 2 months ago, but never made it before they close, finally made it today. All in all I give this shop 4 1/2 stars all the way across the board.