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Tinder Box Ahwatukee – Phoenix, AZ

Submitted by Rob on June 27, 2008 – 2:24 pm2 Comments

Tinder Box Ahwatukee, operated by Jeff Cayton, is located off the intersection of Chandler Blvd and 48th Street just west of I-10. The sign on the storefront now reads “Tinder  Box” is the traditional green sign we are used to seeing. I am in the process of getting a picture of the building. I will update this posting when the new pictures come in.

Tinder Box Ahwatukee has one of the largest humidors in the state of Arizona with 900 square feet of selection. I have to assume that filling a 900 square foot humidor allows for some major purchasing power and discounts from his suppliers since the shop stocks more than 200 brands. The prices of the cigars are great and you will not find any price gouging with the popular cigars.

I must also give Tinder Box Ahwatukee credit for carrying more humidors, pipes, pipe tobacco, magazines, and even knifes than any other shop I have been to. It makes it quite fun to browse the store. Prices on these items are also great.

Every visit to the cigar store has involved an enjoyable conversation with Jeff Cayton and a friendly greeting/farewell from all his knowledgeable employees. They allow you to browse the huge humidor in peace and always seem to step in only when you were about to ask a question. It’s a great shopping experience for a great shopping atmosphere.

Tinder Box Ahwatukee is also known for their very large – very luxurious private cigar club: Camacho Cigar Club. Mr. Cayton has graced me with a tour of this club (it requires a secret pin to enter). A custom pool table, private lockers, multiple LCD HD televisions, beautiful leather chairs, and perfect lighting for the PERFECT smoking experience. Perfection comes with a price.

Unfortunately I can not afford to pay the yearly dues for a private club. This makes the public smoking area of the shop my only other option. The public area contains three high-tops and 12 chairs in a small cramped corner. While smoking there with a friend you can not enjoy a private conversation or while alone you can’t stretch out to be comfortable. I have never enjoyed smoking a cigar with this seating arrangement but I LOVE shopping there. I also want to mention that all his customers, regulars, and people who hang out at the shop are a great bunch of people and always find my self forgetting about the seating and running to the humidor for my second stick.

Tinder Box Ahwatukee is a shop first and then a lounge for the select few (and now I have motivation to ask my boss for that raise).

Jeff Cayton’s Tinder Box Ahwatukee
(480) 961-7777
4611 E. Chandler Blvd., Suite #106
Phoenix, AZ 85048
Visit the Tinder Box website

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  • Jeff Cayton says:

    Thanks for the great review. Glad you enjoyed yourself. Not doing Robustos, still Tinder Box Ahwatukee. New sign on outside of building. Thanks again.

    Jeff Cayton

  • 0db says:

    This is a wonderful shop. The selection is jaw-dropping, and they have the buying power of Tinderbox behind them to get their hands on limited and early releases. I bought Serie V there a year or so ago before they had even hit famous or any of the big online retailers. The lounge is wonderful and the service is great. My second favorite shop to Cigar King.