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Not All Advice Can Be Relied On: Cubancigar-Shop.Com Review

Submitted by Alex on February 18, 2012 – 7:14 am5 Comments

It has been well said that you should ask other people’s advice, and only then begin carefully to act on it. Well, I really shouldn’t have taken my co-worker’s advice (no hard feelings if you are reading it, Brad) to make a purchase at Cubancigar-Shop.Com. He told me that they have a strong selection of both Cuban and non-Cuban cigars, as well accessories (and to top it off, low prices).  It sounded too good to be true, but I had no reason not to trust the guy I have worked for so many years with.

I ordered a sampler first before making a big order. It is quite handy – they split open the boxes and let you order different cigars from these boxes so that you make up your mind before choosing a brand. I wish the previous website where I ordered my stogies had this nice feature.


Anyway, it was pretty much everything that was nice about this e-store. The order took 18 working days to arrive (!). I was one edge, but this I understand – sometimes, orders from other stores also took a long time to arrive.

What I don’t understand is why they sell fakes, because the cigars that came were definitely not real. Yes, they were not bad, but if you have ever smoked Cuban cigars, the first puff will be enough to tell that they are anything but authentic. I smoked them anyway, because I did not want to waste the stuff and they were not bad, but I won’t order from them anymore, because what I want from cigars is authenticity.

When I complained about this to my co-worker, it turned out that he didn’t make any order from Cubancigar-Shop.Com, but was also recommended this store by a friend.

This is why I decided to write my review, so you won’t be lured to this store by some ‘friend’.

Cubancigar-Shop.Com Review
Cubancigar-Shop Reviews
Cubancigar Shop Review

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  • mich44870 says:

    Thank you, mate! I was not going to order from them but won’t do it for sure now that I’ve read your post!

  • Grey Morrison says:

    Adore for true information and that you are publishing not only promotional reviews.. like “oh what a great online store and bla-bla”. Very helpful review!

  • S. Michael says:

    And what’s the previous website where you you ordered you cigars from? Did you go back to it?

  • stevenbond says:

    Hey Alex,
    Thanks for sharing this with us. I am very disappointed because I was almost ready to place my first order with them, just was collecting some information before giving them my CC records :)
    Anyway, thank you, I feel sorry that you had so many troubles with them but at least you prevented many others from buying cigars there.

  • Grey Morrison says:

    Can you please advise a shop that you liked. Thank you.