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Matchstix Fine Cigars – Chandler, AZ

Submitted by Rob on December 4, 2008 – 12:04 am8 Comments

Matchstix Fine Cigars was a perfectly located cigar lounge in the Chandler Mall shopping center.

Situated between fine restaurants, watering holes, and boutique stores (for the significant other) it was always easy and convenient to stop in for a good smoke and beer.

Many great conversations were had and lots of new friends were made.

Unfortunately I am here to pass on the bad news:

Matchstix Fine Cigars has closed the doors.

Matchstix Fine Cigars is closed.

Matchstix Fine Cigars is dead.

I have to thank Matchstix Fine Cigars for the memories that were made.

On A Good Note: While this cigar lounge may now be closed I have heard rumors of a new cigar lounge opening in Gilbert that should not only fill this void – but provide the Arizona smokers something amazing.

Matchstix Fine Cigars
(480) 726-7849
3305 W. Chandler Blvd
Chandler, AZ 85226
Visit the Matchstix Website

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  • Ed says:

    Matchstix has been an old dying dog for a long time.

    It was about time they were put to sleep.

  • Dennis says:

    It was one of the few cigar lounges that I ever went into where I couldn’t find cigars!

    The chairs were comfy though!

    I’ve gone to Blew Smoke once. It is a little far for me but it is an awesome shop. My son goes there regularly. The have great prices and comfy chairs. This must be the Gilbert shop everyone is talking about.

  • Lee says:

    I know every time I went in to get a smoke I was told by the kid behind the counter that the cigar manufacturers were having problems with shipping but I would go to other cigar shops and they all had cigars?! Very puzzling to me.

    I heard the owner of Big Sticks donated a huge amount of cigars to Matchstix to help them out when Matchstix’s humidor got really low on cigars. Kudos to that guy for trying to help.

    I drove over to Matchstix 2 days ago and it is closed, windows are all whited out.

    That new cigar lounge you speak of in Gilbert is already open and a really nice store. It is called Blew Smoke.

  • Cigar Boss says:

    Thanks for all the comments and additional information (too bad I don’t have a way of verifying).

    Blew Smoke is a very nice shop that has a reviewing coming very shortly.

    This is not the Gilbert cigar lounge I was referring to. At this current time I do not have the name but I will post notices when a new hang out place is born.

    Thanks All,

  • 0db says:

    Dang, this sucks. They had some good sticks there; a bit pricey and a bit over-humidified, but still enjoyable. The rent in that area had to be exorbitant. This was the closest shop to my house. Blew Smoke is out of the question . The proprietor of O’Sheas was a GREAT guy with lots of great stories and wonderful charisma; too bad he decided to sell :( Stick with online purchasing and backyard herfing I guess.

  • Mike says:

    I was a regular at Match Stix for a few years, The owner and ” Family ” of this store are very good people. It is unfortunate to see what happened.

    On the other hand, The owner of Big Sticks has been rude and slandered everyone but himself. If you enter his store you may spend an hour plus listening to him bad mouth other cigar retailers.

    The swinger himself and his unprofessional comments and unrespected integrity should be the one at loss of customers.

    Bob. Get a life

  • Bob says:

    You are correct Mike,

    “The owner and ”Family” of this store are very good people. It is unfortunate to see what happened.”

    But if you ask Craig or Jade, or any other of the owners of Matchstix or most anyone in the cigar business, they will tell you, including Craig; I (Bob) helped them re-stock their humidor when it got seriously low on cigars in an attempt to help them out of the hole they were in.

    You are entitled to your comments even if they are wrong and misguided.