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Kern Place Cigars – El Paso, TX

Submitted by Rob on June 1, 2008 – 8:44 amOne Comment

Front Door of Kern Place CigarsKern Place Cigars is perfectly located on the famous Cincinnati street of El Paso, Texas. Kern Place it self is a small, yet cozy set up that can only be expected within the limited space available on Cincinnati Ave.

Kern Place Cigars had very reasonable prices on their sticks. Of the two cigar shops I took the time to visit, and various other “smoking” shops that sold cigars – Kern Place held its own. Everything had the standard markup you would come to expect from the major brands.

Upon entering the shop there was only one person working (not more would be needed for the space) and I was the only visitor inside (again a good thing for the space). The person working was a lovely young lady who was attentive and willing to help had I any questions.

The shop does not contain much of an atmosphere. It’s more of the location that you go in to buy your cigars and continue on the the neighboring bars (many to choose from). In a way – I kind of liked that ability. I was literally at the heart of the city, smoking a cigar, and had the ability to walk 20 ft to get another had I wanted it.Kern Place Humidor

I had only two small issues: First: The cigars were over humidified. Finally, there were more empty boxes on the shelves, then cigar boxes with actual cigars in them. After asking multiple times if they had any in the back the friendly worker finally said

“Everything we have is on the shelf.”

Which really meant that I was limited at the specific time I visited.

Overall: A cool place to visit for a quick stop. The prices are fair and the selection might be few. It’s conveniently located by all the bars in the city; its more intended for the quick stop then the social gathering.

Kern Place Cigars
(915) 838-6767
216 Cincinnati Ave
El Paso, TX 79902
Visit the Kern Place Cigars website.

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