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Habanos Torres – Mesa, Arizona

Submitted by Rob on April 19, 2009 – 11:33 pm9 Comments

Habanos TorresTravel through downtown Mesa, Arizona and you have entered part of a city resembling an early 50′s or 60′s era neighborhood. Restaurants have intimate seating with a city view, stores are family owned and operated and classic cars will line the streets on the weekends.

Timothy Torres is a Cuban born, fifth-generation, cigar blender and roller who operates a business in this Mesa district called Habanos Torres.

Humble Beginnings
With little money and a heart full of passion, Mr.Torres followed his childhood dream of making cigars  for the “true fine cigar smoker“. His location was opened off a busy street in Mesa with just enough space to hold a humidifying cabinet, a humble rolling/aging room, and a small cash register. Patrons would have no trouble walking across the entire store in just two strides.

Overcoming size has never been an issue for the 5 foot, plus a little, Tim Torres and his shop. Customers enjoyed the hand rolled cigars immensely; most would bring their own lawn chairs to set up a makeshift lounge in front of the establishment. Habanos Torres would stay open past normal business hours to accommodate the “HERF” that was never planned but always seemed to happen. With a faithful customer base and sales increasing, it was time to expand his cigar rolling into the type of cigar lounge Mr.Torres had always dreamed of.

Dreams Become Reality
Welcome, welcome – come in, come in – privilege to show you around.

habanosTim boasts out with the largest smile on his face as we enter his brand new, just completed, cigar lounge.

The main seating area is located in the middle of the shop. Four dark comfortable couches surround a coffee table with Stinky ashtrays. Just passed the couches are  two tabletops that would allow for more intimate conversation. Against the only window is a game table with a beautiful chess set almost too intimating to touch. Everything creates a cozy atmosphere that makes it easy to relax for hours.

A wall lined with the Torres hand-rolled cigars leads the way to a well-lit cedar room. The rolling table is perfectly set so you can see the man in action from any angle.

You want me to roll, you want something special made?

Another smile appears on his face hoping he can make you something special, something you can enjoy.

Look at this.

Tim continues the rolling room tour by showing off one of his molds that has been in his family since the 1840′s.

Habanos Torres CigarsAfter answering a bombardment of questions regarding my pallet and favorite smoking characteristics, I get the promise of a cigar that will make me happy. A brief moment later Tim hands over a dark Robusto using his 30-year tobacco leaf. Cigars from Habanos Torres start at about $8 and settle around $40 but have the ability to go up depending on any special requests.

There are princes, dignitaries, presidents who don’t have the honor of one person rolling a single cigar with a special blend just for them. Their cigars may come in a golden box and cost a lot of money, but they weren’t made just for them, based on their preferences. To see that kind of satisfaction on someone’s face, to know they appreciate something I have made for them — that’s what I love,

Habanos Torres is a great little cigar lounge, ran by one of the most friendly people you will ever encounter, set in an area that makes you feel like you entered a time machine. Make the trip to Habanos Torres and experience the great atmosphere.

Habanos Torres Cigar Factory
(480) 833-0087
48 S. Robson Rd. Suite 101
Mesa, AZ 85210
Visit Habanos Torres Cigar Factory Website

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  • The Critic says:

    I really like Timothy and the store he has. The thing I really don’t like is his cigars. If you want to see how cigars are made and the process behind them, it’s a fun trip. But don’t expect anything more than a $25 stick that is best enjoyed while mowing the lawn.

  • Tim Cigars says:

    You are out of your mind. He makes some of the finest cigars on the face of the planet. You need to put down the swisher sweets and get a man’s cigar over there. I have had cigars from all over and I’ve been smoking for over 20 years. He has some of the best cigars made. I think you should go back and try something else.

    “…a $25 stick best enjoyed while mowing the lawn.” Really, man??

  • The Critic says:

    Hey Tim,

    I think this may be an issue of personal taste. I went to Tim’s a few times for individual sticks then ended up picking up about ten to sample. All I got was burn issues and no complexities or flavor. But like I said, it’s a personal opinion. I still really like what Tim does over in Mesa.

  • Big Tom says:

    Tim made me what he calls “an ugly stick.” It was a large 60 gauge maduro torpedo. All of the tobacco (filler, binder, and wrapper) were aged at least 10 years. It was the BEST smoke I have ever had, and I have had them all! I have smoked every Cuban there is as well as all of the rest. Nothing compares to this cigar!! The burn, construction, taste, and draw can not be beat. There really is no comparrison.

  • Mike says:

    Disagree strongly with “The Critic”-I would put one of Tim’s custom made “Ugly Sticks” in a catagory well above some of the known commercial greats such as the Cohiba Siglo VI or a Padron 1926 #9. The only thing better than the cigars was the service and that is saying a lot.

  • Big Tom says:

    I re-visted Tim’s shop today and he made me a couple more of the “Ugly Sticks.” These are actually made with tobacco that has been aged 30 years! I was also given the opportunity to purchase a cigar made with tobacco that has been aged 50 years! I could not resist. I can not recommned these cigars and Tim’s shop highly enough. This is a truly unique experience for any cigar lover.

  • Steve says:

    I have been smoking cigars for roughly 7 years… Padron, Monticristo, Cohiba (havana), Fuente, you name it, I’ve likely tried it.

    I was introduced to Tim by a fellow smoker a couple of weeks ago. My first “Tim” cigar was a mild rolled with 15 year tobacco. The draw, flavor, and smoothness alone in this $15 cigar was better than just about anything I ever smoked. My second for the evening, was a darker, rum-infused rolled with 30 year old tobacco… and there’s nothing I can compare it to. It simply was the BEST cigar I’ve ever had the pleasure of smoking.

    Since that trip, only a couple of weeks ago, I’ve visited Tim twice and pick up at least 2 cigars each trip. I’ve also introduced a few friends, who really appreciate a good smoke, to Tim’s and their experiences have been just as great.

    Can’t say enough good things about Tim and his cigars! I’m just upset that I’ve missed out for so long!

  • Joe Verbrugge says:

    Stopped in here last weekend for the first time. This guy makes great cigars for a fair price. It’s that simple. The article above nails the atmosphere…

  • Jimmy Flores says:

    I had the pleasure of metting Mr. Torres back in Feb’11. I was in town on business and had to do some gift shopping on my last day. I stumbled upon his shop by chance and I must say that, in my opinion, it was the most authentic cigar experience I have ever had. Mr. Torres was very well educated in his craft and extremely friendly. Most shops I have been to, tend to be a bit snobby, but not this one. I left that day with one of his 20 year olds and a cap. My only regret is that I live so far away. God Bless Tim Torres, El Mero Xingon del los Habanos.