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Graycliff “G” Cigars – Scottsdale, AZ

Submitted by Rob on January 20, 2009 – 3:05 amNo Comment

G CigarsGraycliff Cigars of Scottsdale, Arizona was created on February 14th, but this is one cigar shop that is not getting any love from us at

Were you wondering if this is a luxury cigar lounge put together in Scottsdale by Graycliff?  The answer is no. We took to the cigar streets for some insight on the story and this is the information that we were able to scrape together.

Information was provided by various “cigar insiders” whom all wanted to remain anonymous. I have not received an official response from Graycliff and Michael Sibay was not contacted directly.

Graycliff Cigars Inc is a cigar lounge that was created on Feb 14th, 2006 (click here to see the official filings) by Michael “Mike” Sibay.

Graycliff Cigars Inc was off to a rocky start as the company was almost dissolved by the state of Arizona.  Reason: DELINQUENT PUBLICATION.

Graycliff was aware the cigar lounge was opening in Scottsdale. They has even agreed to “sponsor” the shop in a sense and offer many Graycliff items and incentives.

Graycliff Cigars Inc, as any business would do, listed their name in the yellow pages, created ads, and spread the word.

However Graycliff did not give permissions to directly use their name in the cigar lounge operation and were upset it didn’t meet “Graycliff standards“.

Graycliff Cigars Inc is forced to stop using the name. They file for dissolution effective 10/31/2007.

Graycliff Cigars Inc is now operating as G Cigars. G Cigars still uses the Graycliff “G” in their font, has various large Graycliff sings in his shop, and even uses their cigars/logos as his website logo.

Rocky Patel cigars with mold.

G Cigar shop in Scottsdale is not a store we enjoyed visiting.

Let’s Be Fair: The prices on the cigars were standard to other cigar lounges throughout the valley. The lounge had various accessories, even limited edition Dupont Opus lighters. Mike, the owner, is quite friendly and the people who frequent the shop were equally warm and inviting into the store.

The Bad Points: The lounge was put together with various pieces of furniture that were not really “lounge quality“. Cigarette butts were all of the establishment that left a foul cigarette odor.

The Really Bad Points: Cigars boxes were in the humidor but not many cigars inside of the cigar boxes. That was just a complicated way of saying I was visiting one empty humidor. A lot of the sticks I did see in the humidor were old (covered in dust), damaged (literally broken), and some sticks even had mold.

Graycliff Cigars or “G Cigars
(480) 946-3999
2515 N Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85257
Graycliff Cigars or “G Cigars” Website.

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