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Ford and Haig – Scottsdale, AZ

Submitted by Rob on August 7, 2008 – 1:04 pmOne Comment

Ford & Haig – The Tobacconist is a small cigar shop located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Ford & Haig’s little cigar shop is in the artistic, and oh-so chic, Old Town area; providing great eateries, art galleries, bars and scenery (eye candy) in a short smoking distance.

Ford and Haig’s website lays claim as a cigar shop that is frequented by “professional baseball players” and in general “famous people“. Knowing this I somehow imagined walking into a grand cigar shop laced with fine leather chairs, beautiful women, and only limited edition cigars.

Opening the door to the Ford and Haig cigar shop I quickly realized the cigar shop is very small and very packed (packed in a good way). I overheard a conversation about the fluctuation of the oil market and the effect of their portfolio (yes I am now in Scottsdale). Two gentleman working warmly greeted me and I walk straight into an oddly shaped, triangle-ish, humidor.

The humidor had a great selection of smokes. Something that immediately caught my eye, as you can see from the pictures below, is the nice selection of Don Carlos cigars. Pricing was all around fair and nothing was too high or a great deal; I did expect a Scottsdale cigar shop to be overpriced. After multiple laps in the small humidor I selected a nice Cabaiguan cigar.

I had no real intention of smoking the cigar in the shop due to the limited seating area. Out of no where I hear a “Are you going to smoke that bitch?” Okay – That’s the kind of invite I like. While checking out the friendly staff v-cut my cigar. I like people who can offer creativity and suggestions in smoking.

The atmosphere portion of the review has always been good for this Scottsdale cigar shop. Seating is limited to about 5 seats in the very front of the store. You wont be able to have any kind of private conversation and if the company is not good, or there are more than 5 smokers at once, you will be quite uncomfortable. Another thing I noticed is the lounge is in front of large windows that face the bright Arizona sun – so be careful.

Overall I give this Scottsdale cigar shop a thumbs up. They have friendly / knowledgeable staff, a great location, and some pretty unique cigars at a fair price. Just hope you get some great smokers to sit with!

Ford & Haig – The Tobacconist
(480) 946-0608
7070 E. Fifth Avenue
Scottsdale, Arizona 85251
Visit the Ford & Haig – The Tobacconist Website

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