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Cuban-Cigars-Store.Com Review: A Gem of a Store

Submitted by Alex on April 9, 2012 – 5:36 am5 Comments

You can experience many repeated disappointments in a quest for a good Cuban cigar store, which is why those little gems that you find along the way are especially precious. I want to tell about my experience with Cuban-Cigars-Store.Com.

The story of how I ran into Cuban-Cigars-Store.Com is so simple that it is almost funny – I just googled “Cuban+cigars+store” and the first result I got was Cuban-Cigars-Store.Com. The site seemed nice to me – I am peculiar that way and think that design matters. It made me relax, feel like I was in Cuba and I could almost taste a nice Cuban stogie on my lips.


I examined their FAQ closely (I would recommend doing this to everybody before making a purchase). I always have some concerns with new stores, since Cuban cigars are not very cheap, but all of them dissolved as I saw that they promised to replace the order or refund the amount of the order if the cigars were not to arrive for some reason.

Once I decided that it was safe to deal with them, I ordered Partagas and Serie D No.4 Sbn B and Tasting Samplers 25 Belicosos and prepared to wait, since other stores sometimes made me wait for my package to arrive for over a month. Not this time, though. I got my cigars in six days, and they automatically applied a 5% discount on my order! I liked their approach to customers – it is nice to feel that you are appreciated.

I also thought that the cigars were more than good as did my friends at a little get together. I will definitely deal with Cuban-Cigars-Store.Com in the future.

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  • mich44870 says:

    Thanks for the advice, man! There are never too many GOOD Cuban cigar stores

  • Jonathan Wilson says:

    Hm.. never heard of it… Maybe, it’s not so bad, but has lower prices I guess and now it is the best shop for me!

  • mich44870 says:

    Hey, Jonathan, I bet you are a conservative and prefer sticking to old ways.
    But thank you for the tip, I will check out too because I am open to ALL POSSIBILITIES.

  • Jonathan Wilson says:

    You’re wrong, mich) As you can see from my reviews on this site, I am very open to all stores! I didn’t mean to hurt anyone! Just wanted to share my fav for now) I’m in love with 25cigars!

  • dmb7184 says:

    I must say this is a fantastic site. I placed an order for a box of 10 Cohiba Behike 52′s. In 9 business days they were on my doorstep in Kentucky from Switzerland. They were vacuum sealed for freshness and packaged with care. Box was sealed as I requested and when I opened the package after inspection they were 100 percent authentic, in perfect condition, and fresh enough to smoke immediately (however mine are going to stay in the humidor for a while). The prices were slightly above average but when I ordered I received an Easter discount saving over 30 dollars and I got free shipping. I plan on returning to this site very soon. Great smokes, fast shipping, fair prices, and very user friendly. A+