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Cigar Ladies

Submitted by Oliver on November 1, 2012 – 7:59 amNo Comment

Can you imagine a beautiful girl rolling one of the best cigars in your life just in front of you? Well, if you could only dream about it before, we are happy to announce that such possibility is already available at a company in the United States called “Cigar Dolls”.

That’s true, I’m not lying to you :) – if your company organizes a private party or a corporate event, then you might suggest them an idea of a beautiful evening spent in a company with good looking girls (intelligent and clever as well) who could also roll cigars that you or your colleagues prefer. Don’t be afraid, these girls are real torcedoras who have acquired the unusual skill either by experience working at a factory or at a tobacconist’s shop.

The cigars are unique, in a way, because they are rolled from a variety of leaves that are never repeating themselves; the girls also use special techniques and tools which make these stogies a real gem. Of course, they are not allowed to roll Cuban cigars since they live in the US and don’t have access to anything Cuban in general ;) , but the Connecticut tobacco is a choice of many smokers since it is very mild and smooth, and is a perfect start up for beginners.

The Cigar Dolls, as they prefer to position themselves, will also tell you anything you would like to know about smoking – which leaves are better, the techniques they use, etc., besides rolling a cigar of your dreams. :) So, in addition to smoking a great cigar rolled by a beautiful girl, becoming more skillful in the cigar industry, you will also have a chance to talk to a nice clever girl. :)

The company is based in Miami, Florida but would be glad to send the girls to any destination in the USA, however, please be very polite and serious, they have their right to refuse any event for any reason. Good Luck!

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