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Churchill Cigar Lounge – San Diego, CA

Submitted by Rob on December 27, 2009 – 2:40 am12 Comments

Old Town San Diego is home to Churchill Cigar Lounge, one of our favorite cigar lounges in the entire state of California.

When walking into the Old Town cigar establishment you will realize that size is not the immediate factor of a great lounge. The inside is limited in space just having enough area to house private lockers, small countertops, accessories, and a great selection of cigars that runs along both sides of the walls. At the end you will find a wine section to please any palate, beers, and wine bottles for purchase.

While the humidified areas are limited it appears the owners have done a great job of not only fitting cigars in but also took the time to offer some of the best cigars on the market. From the Zino Platinum Crown Series, Illusione, Davidoff, GAR, Savinelli, the complete Tatuaje lines on down to the budget Oliva cigars this humidor will please every smoker that walks in. Their website claims “Our store may be small, but our selection of premium cigars compares to no other store” and we have to fully agree. We also found that their prices were the best in the entire San Diego area.

The knowledgeable staff was quick to warmly greet you and offer assistance but was also generous enough to let you browse their large inventory at your own pace without interruption. Every patron of the shop was just as quick to introduce themselves and make you feel right at home. We were quickly brought into all the conversations and even offered samples of the wine bottles they had just purchased. It is one of the few times you will see the big shot investor playing a game of chess and laughing with the airport luggage man. Everyone was equal in enjoying the cigars, wine, and great company.

Perhaps the best quality of Churchill Cigar Lounge is that they can accommodate your guest whom might not enjoy smoking cigars. For instance, we were able to bring our significant others to a wine bar – which just so happened to allow smoking cigars on the patio. After multiple glasses of wine and great conversation your other half will actually make the suggestion to go to the “wine bar” as an evening out on the town.

If you would like to visit a peaceful and warming cigar lounge that allows you to enjoy the great San Diego weather and have a fine glass of wine – then visit Churchill Cigar Lounge. Or if you are with your significant other and would like to visit a great “wine bar” that has an enormous selection of cigars that you can enjoy in the great San Diego weather – then visit Churchill Cigar Lounge.

Churchill Cigar Lounge
(619) 546-7758
2415 San Diego Avenue
San Diego, CA 92110
Visit the Churchill Cigar Lounge Website

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  • Blast says:

    See and your experience wasn’t the experience I had at Churchill’s at all. I found them to be overpriced overall. They carried a HUGE selection of Davidoff’s and the ACID line but their selection of everything else was rather sparse.

    For the best smoking experience in the San Diego area, I’d rather spend my time and my $$ at Liberty Tobacco. It’s not nearly as highbrow snobbish as the Churchill wine bar is but they have a true cross section of all San Diegans. Their selection is much larger and their prices I’ve found to be better.

    When in the Old Town downtown area, I much prefer the customer service from the guys at Racine and Laramie, but to each their own.

    • Rob says:

      That’s very interesting that you encountered the complete opposite than what we did on our multiple visits. Perhaps we just made our visits on good days? Maybe the same goes with the selection, during our visits they had everything we could throw at them. In regards to your second comment we have just started posting the reviews of shops in the SD area, plenty more are in que and ready to post. Thanks for the feedback!

      • Bruce Cantor says:

        Gotta agree with blast here. I avoid this place after having several bad experiences. Both Liberty and Racine and Laramie are much better experiences in my opinion.

    • Jammer says:

      Sounds like ‘Blast’ has no idea of “selection”. When I visited Churchill’s, they had many many other brands besides Davidoff and Acid, and their selection of Acid was very sparse.

      Could it be that ‘Blast’ is from Racine and larame?

  • Blast says:

    I also have to note that upon checking your reviews of other shops, you haven’t yet reviewed any of the other shops in the San Diego area.

  • Blast says:

    Can anyone post reviews of their local shops?

    • Rob says:

      Yes and no. We always welcome posts/reviews/articles from anyone who wants to contribute to the site. However we are very cautious of verifying the information that comes in. As you might guess, there are people who try to post very slanted writings who are part of that, or competing, organization/lounge/company/etc. If you would like to write a review for a shop please feel free to do so!

  • Don says:

    I was at this shop this October. They were very busy so I can’t say to much about the welcoming factor. I couldn’t believe the prices compared to here in AZ! I don’t know if it’s because of the location or the whole California thing.

    • Rob says:

      The prices had something to do with the state of California. Arizona has one of the lowest taxe rates on cigars, this is why we can smoke more for a lot less.

  • CigarsThomas says:

    easy trash talking us californian’s. We enjoy paying high prices for sticks lol

  • Bob says:

    I have been to this shop two times (they do not know I am a tobacco shop owner myself) and I have always felt welcome and had a great time.

    The prices in California on cigars are MUCH higher than here in AZ due to the 41.11% tax on tobacco. And to make the prices worse, the tax changes every July 1st. I have seen it as high as 53%.

    Again this is a nice shop in S. Calif.

    My personal favorite is Mission Pipe Shop in N.Calif. Great selection of pipe tobacco and cigars. The lounge is top notch!

  • Reverend D says:

    I have to make the assumption, that everyone’s experiance at any given place will vary to some degree. No doubt. Personaly I’ve smoked and purchased cigars from every cigar shop in San Diego and while Churchills isn’t the most inexpensive, they do have the largest selection of quality cigars in San Diego County. They are the largest Rockey Patel distributor in SD as well as La Flor Dominicana… It pains me to see people smash on a place because of personal problems with staff or other regulars. If the owners of other cigar shops in SD (that will remain nameless… and I know all of them) it’s just a shame. This is supposed to be a business of proper people that sit, smoke, and share with each other. That’s the heart and soal of a cigar shop.
    Persoanly I love Churchills. Love em. Danny, John, and Ann are all very knowledgeable, and the service is second to none. Furter more if you buy in bulk their prices are extremly resonable.
    Ill end with saying this… form your own opinion, then come have a cigar with me on the patio.