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Choosing the best online Cuban cigars store

Submitted by Jonathan Wilson on November 1, 2011 – 8:59 am18 Comments

Hello, my name is Jonathan Wilson, and I am an “average Joe” who likes quality cigars. Once faced with the problem of choosing a Cuban cigar store online, I decided to write a small independent review for those who, like me, are faced with this choice now: Where can I buy my favorite cigars? To me it’s very important to know not only whether they will be authentic and come with quick delivery and quality customer support, but also of course, at an attractive price. To be honest I haven’t found an ideal shop even by now, but some of them are really good. My friends and I are using one of these shops now, but let me tell you how we ended up here…

Convenience in making a purchase is really important for me. I am a businessman and not a computer genius to parse the site usability puzzles posed at, so I didn’t even place an order on that site. I basically spent about 20 minutes trying to find the cigars I needed and couldn’t find some of them at all. I doubt I’ll ever visit them ever again, not to mention actually buying there.

I had a better experience with at the beginning. The site has a pleasant interface, so I ordered a couple of times. Firstly everything was quite good, but once it took them too long to deliver my order. The support couldn’t explain anything clearly, and just told me to wait or place another order. Maybe I am a picky customer, but it turned me off. I had a similar situation with

Nevertheless, when delayed the delivery of my order, they got very concerned. Moreover, they apologized for the delay which was a very pleasant surprise. Sometimes I make purchases from this site, but it is not my favorite. Though its support pleasantly amazes me all the time.

One of my friends recommended me saying they were cheaper. I looked through it and prices were really lower. I bought cigars from them a few times and I was happy about it for a while… Until I found another Cuban cigar store.

It was On the one hand its design doesn’t look attractive, but on the other it is very simple and convenient. Prices are a bit higher than on the previous ones. See, it’s very important for me the cigars be authentic, but how do you know they don’t lie to customers? Every shop says that they are the only official representatives of 100% original Cuban cigars. You never know until you taste! That was exactly what I’ve done – placed an order. The shipping was really quick, moreover the cigars were packed in hermetic packaging (usually it is just shipped in a box). But the packaging wasn’t the only thing that impressed me. It was the cigars! :) They were of excellent quality! It was only then that I understood why their prices are different from other websites, because the cigars are different too.

In the beginning, as an ordinary customer, I just googled for shops and checked them out. Oh, once the shop just charged me and I didn’t receive a thing. :( No wonder they have closed some time ago so let’s forget them. Later when I became an advanced user, I understood that one usually chooses a Cuban cigar shop by 5 features: authentic cigars, price, shipping time, pleasant customer support and maybe usability of the site. Everybody chooses what is more or less important for him. Price was not my number one point.
Even though prices in many online shops are lower than on, the quality of their cigars, quick and reliable delivery and of course quality support speak of itself and here I am – their client for 3 years. I’ve tried many other shops, but regardless I always come back to my-cuban-cigars. I think that everyone who appreciates quality will like it too. At least if you are a bit like me.

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  • Mark says:

    Hello, Jonathan. I’m purchasing at Cigarone for a year and NOTHING EVER HAPPEND! I will try May be they are really good, but don’t lay low cigarone!!!

  • Chris379 says:

    Mark, I had the same problem as Jonthan.

  • justIceman says:

    I don’t know why on earth you had problems with finding cigars on, but the site’s navigation is easy-peasy (unless you are mentally challenged, of course).

    I wonder how much time you spend to find something you need at a convenience store, days, maybe?

  • Jonathan Wilson says:

    Mark, lucky you.

    Chris, so I see I’m not the only one who faced that kind of problem.

    Justlceman, don’t be so rude, man. For me it is easy-peasy to buy my favorite cigars in 2 clicks. You must be the owner of this site :D

    Just sharing my opinion and experience. I hope newbies will appreciate it.

  • Clever Someone says:

    Despite the embargo, authentic Cuban cigars are not hard to find online.

    So when choosing a cigar e-store, it all comes down to the customer service – f*ck-ups are inevitable with such fragile merchandise as cigars and post office errors, but it is important that the store recognizes and makes up for them.

    So I definitely agree with you on – even when they make mistakes, they apologize and make amends.

  • S. Michael says:

    I really wish that the embargo was off, and we all could go to a store nearby to sample Cuban cigars before purchasing them.

    Unfortunately, that is not the case, so thanks for the review. I’ll try to check out the stores that you’ve recommended.

  • mich44870 says:

    It’s not really fair to trash fine stores based on the design of their website, don’t you think?

  • GLaantern says:

    You are one unlucky guy, if you had to go through so many e-stores to find a good one.

  • Jonathan Wilson says:

    I really wish the embargo was off too, but we have what we have.
    mich44870, why do you think it is not fair? It should be simple and usable, as I’ve said.
    GLaantern, but now i can recommend them to you:) and you are lucky now!

  • GLaantern says:

    Actually, I was already shopping at My-Cuban-Cigars.Com on a regular basis, so, frankly, I learnt nothing new from your review.

  • mich44870 says:

    Well, I agree that it’s a factor, but it’s just one of the factors, and not the most important one. You can’t say that the website is no good when, perhaps, it was you who were not smart enough to understand how it works.

    I think that you should have placed an order and tried out the cigars before recommending or disrecommending a store.

  • Jonathan Wilson says:

    GLaantern, but somebody will.
    mich44870, for me it is very important. That’s exactly what I’ve done: placed an order in all those stores! Except, because I appreciate my time.

  • GOP1 says:

    Does it concern anyone that the charges for show up as being charged in China?

  • Jonathan Wilson says:

    GOP1, well. The cigars are authentic and cuban for sure. So I don’t really care how they do it. Do you? why?

  • GOP1 says:

    Nope. Don’t care if they are good to go. Just was surprised as I guess I was expecting it to be out of Europe and it concerned me.

  • GLaantern says:

    According to the stamp on my boxes, these guys ship their cigars from Switzerland, so you are right about Europe, GOP1.Perhaps, their payment processing company is from China.

  • GOP1 says:

    GLaantern — Thanks for the confirmation. Just wanted to make sure everything was kosher on that end. My credit card company apparently flags Chinese charges with fraud alerts and I wanted to make sure the source of the charges was consistent with others’ experiences before confirming with the transaction.

  • Grey Morrison says:

    What a great review! Thank you! So true about Puroexpress and CubanLou’s!!!