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Blew Smoke Premium Cigars – Gilbert, AZ

Submitted by Rob on November 13, 2009 – 10:22 am8 Comments

Blew Smoke Premium CigarsBob Guertin, owner of Big Sticks Fine Cigars and his new partner Dean DiStasio came across a dying cigar shop in the Chandler/Gilbert area of Arizona and felt it was doing a disservice to the local pipe and cigar community. So with a glimmer in their eyes and hearts full of hope the two decided to purchase and renovate the establishment. I’m happy to say it was a success and have given it a transformation worthy of the TV show Extreme Makeover.

Bob and Dean describe their goal of creating a “nice little neighborhood tobacco shop” – and that’s the exact feel you get as you walk in Blew Smoke Premium Cigars.  Enter Blew Smoke and your eyes immediately fixate on the over 70 various pipe tobaccos neatly organized in the center of the store. Placed on all walls of the cozy Blew Smoke building you will find a large assortment of humidors, cutters, lighters, and every other toy a cigar smoker would need. To the immediate right side is a functional seating area that has been host to many poker games and fierce checkers matches. Just beyond the game table is a leather seating corner directly in front of a big screen LCD TV.

The most impressive thing about Blew Smoke Premium Cigars is the humidor, sitting at approximately 370 feet (out half the size of the shop). Bob and Dean both have a  pet peeve of entering a cigar shop to only find the exact same product as the lounge down the street. That being said, it was their intent to bring in cigars that are unique and and truly very boutique. The collection includes stogies that will please any palate and even include many hard to find cigars, or companies mainly found on the internet, such as Taboo Cigars. In all there are approximately 720 open boxes of cigars at Blew Smoke Premium Cigars. Much like the pricing at Big Sticks, the cigars tend to carry a price point that is even cheaper than the large online retailers.

Bob and Dean have created a relaxed tobacco and cigar shop that one can pop in and out of at anytime and choose from a wide variety of cigars, tobacco and accessories. Blew Smoke is a great place to listen to live music at on Fridays or sit in cozy, clean and quiet environment and read a book during the week. So stop by Blew Smoke Premium Cigars and support the little neighborhood tobacco shop.

Blew Smoke Premium Cigars
(480) 507-8800
785 W. Warner Road, Suite A-106
Gilbert, AZ 85233
Visit the Blew Smoke Website

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  • Very nice collection of cigars there. I really wish I had a place like that near me.

  • Dean says:

    Rob – Awesome..thanks so much for the review.

  • 0dB says:

    the former owner at O’Sheas was actually a really cool guy to sit down and smoke with. Been around the world and done a lot of cool stuff with the stories to accompany it. His manager moved onto another position in the tech industry I believe, and he didn’t have the time, or want to have the time to run the shop himself. But yeah, when O’Shea’s was in it’s heyday, he was a blast to sit around and smoke with. “Just grab whatever you want. Try one of those Padron 1926. yeah the big churchill. Want another ? Nah it’s on the house”. Pretty Cool. Wonder what he’s up to now…..

  • 0dB says:

    The remodel does look very nice BTW.

  • Dean says:

    OdB – Thanks for the compliment on the remodel. Yeah.. not sure about Dan. He just handed me the keys and I haven’t heard from him since. I believe his wife opened a pediatric practice in Yuma and he was quick to follow. Maybe he opened nice store there. Hope we can help rekindle the heyday for you as well. We have a great group of regulars that hang out on Fri nights with some live music. Hopefully we’ll see more of ya!

  • 0dB says:

    LOL, yeah that sounds like Dan. That’s cool to get some updated info on him, I’ve often wondered what he’s been up to. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if he does open a store in Yuma.

    I would love to visit but unfortunately I cannot. In an almost comedic misunderstanding, Bob and I got into an argument a few months ago during my last visit to Big Sticks. Words were exchanged, mostly on this site (fortunately we got them deleted). We both said things in the heat of the moment that looked bad in the comments so I’m glad they were erased.

    I’ve thought about trying to patch things but my health got kinda screwed up shortly after, so i’m not smoking much these days. I do wish you guys all the best in success though. Noone can deny the visual appeal, selection and pricepoints you guys offer.

    Kind Regards,
    “0db” -Jayson

  • Kevin says:

    Very nice looking shop, Huge differance from when it was O’ Sheas….Great job!!!! love the selection and the location. Will be a long time shopper at this place. Service was very helpful and place is well stocked and maintained.

  • Towjoe says:

    I love this place, conveniently located, they always go above and beyond to accommodate my requests, and keep my favorites in stock.
    Blew Smoke – Rocks!!!