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Big Sticks Fine Cigars – Mesa, AZ

Submitted by Rob on September 14, 2008 – 11:01 am41 Comments

Intriguing, beautiful, sexy, perfect – Some of the first words that come to my mind when I think, and visit, Big Sticks Fine Cigars. Big Sticks is centrally located in Arizona at the Mesa Riverview shopping center just off the 202 (Red Mountain) and Dobson Rd, snuggled behind Bass Pro Shop and next to Toby Keith’s bar.

Big Sticks has a wonderful 380 sq ft walk-in humidor that will tailor to every kind of smoker. According to their website Big Sticks offers “a wide variety of cigars ranging from $0.95 per stick to $37.50 per stick” and I have yet to see someone visit the store and not come out with something they were looking for. Carrying the big names in cigars along side the “boutique” cigars means you will have about 1,000 open boxes in the humidor to choose from (the website says 958). So visit Big Sticks to try something new or something familiar – all the cigars are reasonably priced.

Walk into this Mesa cigar lounge – and I dare you – to tell me of a time where you, or anyone else you see come in, is not warmly greeted by the shop owner Bob. Bob is a stand up guy that is always willing to share his fascinating stories and general conversation making me feel like I have just returned “home“. On top of that his staff is just as attentive and adds to the experience always making sure I’m comfortable while enjoying my smoke. This lounge is one of the most comfortable atmospheres to smoke in – just stop in on a Thursday and smoke to an antique piano being played live.

Big Sticks Fine Cigars has got to be one of the most beautiful cigar lounges in the country – giving you the perfect smoking experience. I will start out by saying that it feels like you are relaxing in a private club made just for you. Walking into the store you notice dark red walls, full wood walls, and brick facings that add quite the character to the store. A plasma screen hangs on a wooden wall centered between big over sized leather chairs – this is the main sitting room.

A 98 year-old piano sits against a red wall and just below a hand drawn sketch of the world (so that cigar bands can be glued on to the originating country) that breaks up the next sitting section. A few circular tables are provided so that a small group may sit together and not have to talk across the lounge. Finally, and this is the best part, is the third seating area that has two oversize chairs facing each other allowing for private meetings / conversation / enjoyment. All sitting sections contain antique checkers, chess, or domino’s sets to play with. Don’t forget to continue past the lockers to find a billiards table and card/domains table.

My favorite part of the Big Sticks Fine Cigars has got to be the history that’s in the shop. Bob has spent countless hours, and what I expect lots of money, to put together some of the greatest vintage tobacciana collectibles in one area. Ask bob about any particular sign and listen as he rattles off the history of the company, sign, and the work that went into locating the piece.

Thank you Big Sticks for creating such an establishment. Feel free to visit the Big Sticks website as they have more pictures of their amazing cigar lounge, update the news and event section quite frequently, and provide you with more detailed shop information.

Big Sticks Fine Cigars
(480) 668-6099
1017 N. Dobson Road, #106
Mesa, AZ 85201
Visit Big Sticks Fine Cigars Website

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  • Anthony Vincent says:

    This review is right on the money! I have been to Big Sticks many, many times. It has to be one of the nicest cigar lounges I have ever seen. The staff is very accommodating and the selection is excellent! Their other store Blew Smoke in the town of Gilbert is really nice also and has the same warm, inviting atmosphere. Their website has more information on both stores.


  • Cigar Boss says:

    There are currently 9 cigar store in my que for review, then I will give the official review on Blew Smoke. As of right now it is too new for the store to really get its “character” (however I already frequent and am taking notes).

  • Chris says:

    This is a VERY nice loung to visit and occupy a couple hours smoking a fine cigar. The owner (Bob) is very personable and long as you don’t ask where the Cuban cigars are!!! His wife Marci is an absolute delight to talk to as well!!! Both go out of their way to make you feel welcome.

  • Gary "Doc" Holley says:

    Excellent review! Right On-The-Money! Great shop! Great cigars! Great owners/employees! Great customers! I’ve smoked in shops around the world…this is one of the best!

  • Brian says:

    Spot on review! This is a great cigar lounge. The humidor is huge and stocked with everything for everyone… from the new smoker to the cigar aficionado. Being new to cigars, I can always expect Bob and/or the staff to show me something good. Every time I go in, I can always expect to meet a new friend. It’s such a great environment, the staff and the customers alike always welcome everyone into the “Big Sticks” family.

  • kevin says:

    wow! This place was amazing. Too many cigars to make an easy choice. They have everyhing. Beautiful woodwoking inside.

  • St. Thomas says:

    I have traveled all over the world, currently taking up residence in St. Thomas, USVI. I must say out of all the lounges in NY and London and in the great southern US I have never seen or been privy to a friendlier lounge. My favorite stog is always in stock and fresh, any time I stop by to hang with Bob and Marci. Bob can’t wait to see you back at the burger stand on Jost.

  • Greg says:

    This review is dead on the button. Bob (the owner) has spent several hours with me teaching me about cigars and how to find the ones that suit me best. Not knowing anything about cigars Bob showed me what i needed to know. Now that i know what i like and so does he, whenever i go into Big Sticks Bob always has a suggestion of what i should try, and to this day i have NEVER been disappointed. Big Sticks has a huge selection of amazing cigars and a very knowlegable staff to answer any questions about anything they carry. Big Sticks also has a great selection on all your cigar smoking needs from humidors, cutters, lighters, ashtrays and cases, to everything that entertains you like magazines, books, and T.V.s. Overall Big Sticks Fine Cigars is the best cigar shop i’ve ever stepped into because once you walk in you feel home.

  • Dennis L. Miller says:

    What a great review!

    Wonderful spot to meet friends, have a smoke, play a little pool and hear the latest “Bob folklore!”

    The prices are the best in town too!

    Don’t miss the event nights. They’re a hoot! Get on their website and you will be updated automatically as to when the events are held.

  • Neil says:

    Definitely “spot on”. By far the most “plush” place I’ve been to, and I’ve been to a few… Bob goes out of his way to know you, and your story. Cigar education is a big plus at Big Sticks. I have learned more through Bob and his staff, than all other cigar shops combined, and without the condescending attitude that most will give you. A highly recommended place to relax, and enjoy a cigar!!!

  • Bob & Marci says:

    Hey everyone! First of all, thanks so much for the wonderful review. It’s awful nice to hear such great things about our store. We certainly want to have a place where people have a good time and can enjoy a fresh cigar!

    Please also keep in mind the Cigar Boss’ comment above. While we appreciate everyone having a lot to say, let’s make sure everyone gets a chance to post a comment. If you feel you want to give us more compliments than what you already posted, stop by and give them in person at the shop! We’d love to see you!

    Thanks again,
    Bob & Marci

  • Jared says:

    My favorite shop in Phoenix. Bob has the best cigar events. Food, prize and great deals on cigars. A great place for a smoke.

  • Joey says:

    Nice review and well deserved. I’ve been to Big Sticks many times either alone or with freinds and have always enjoyed it. Great place to relax with a good cigar and watch the flat screen or socialize with other customers. Also very nice as a cool “oasis” to enjoy a ‘gar during the AZ summer when it’s 100 degrees out on my patio.
    Thank you Bob & Marci!

  • Tony says:

    I think I visited at a bad time. Everyone is entitled to have a bad day. I just have to say that I visit this shop for the service (and it’s close to my work). Everyone knows no shop can beat online prices or selection, so it must rely on its service. I’m pretty sure I dealt with the owner who obviously had more important things on his mind. I’m just saying, I had one bad experience with poor service. I will most likely give it another try because every other time the service was great.

  • Michael majerus says:

    Big sticks and Blew Smoke are two of the nicest places to relax and visit with friends new and old. I really like the nights there is music. Great way to spend time. My son and I visit often. Thanks Bob!!!!

  • Lee says:

    This is what a cigar lounge is supposed to look like.

    The staff and owners of Big Sticks are top notch! The store is well stocked, great prices, large humidor, and just about every cigar you could ask for. I really like this place and I think it is the nicest place in the east valley. I live in Gilbert but will drive past two or three other cigar lounges just to go there. The live piano music on Thursday nights are a great touch.

  • Ken says:

    I come to Big Sticks weekly. The cigars are alsways fresh and the place is comfortable to sit, enjoy a cigar and access the internet. Enjoy a Fresh Cigar here!

  • Tom says:

    I have been coming into Big Sticks since the store was opened. The store is a comfortable environment to relax, smoke a cigar, and watch TV. There is a broad selection of cigars; the selection suits me well as I like to try new things a lot. The cigars are high quality, and the one time I had one start to unwrap Bob replaced it free. Bob and the staff are true “tobacconists”, they have a though rough knowledge of the product, and can direct you in the right direction. Additionally the staff has always been helpful and friendly. I have been smoking cigars for a number of years; this is the only store I have frequented since it opened. I feel comfortable and home there; I have developed numerous friendships with other customers who are as young as 19, and as old as OLD…….. I want to extend my thanks to everyone at Big Sticks.

  • Dale Mooney says:

    I really enjoy going to Big Sticks because I like the convenience of the location and the prices to me are great, but the service you receive when entering the store is awesome, I’m always greeted and it feels like when you enter your their number one customer and that alone makes you want to come back.

  • Joe says:

    I love Bobs store, I consider Bob, his wife and his employees friends. In fact I consider most of the other people who go in the store to be friends. If you haven’t been there you should go it is a great experience.

  • Clifford Brown says:

    At last Toby Keith’s My Kind of Bar & Grill opened across the street from Big Sticks! I’ve enjoyed Big Sticks’ atmosphere and selection since it opened — even rented a locker recently. Now I can buy a cigar, walk across the street to Toby Keith’s place and enjoy an adult beverage with my cigar on the patio.

  • John says:

    I took my father in-law to the Nub event. This was the best event either of us had ever been to. Between the cars, the band, and the refreshments there were lots of great cigars being smoked. When we left my FIL said he hadn’t had a night out like that in years. I agree that this is one of the best cigar lounges anywhere, and the events are truly a “night out”.

  • magik chef says:

    I TOTALLY disagree with all of your statments. Bob should be banned from the business for his rudeness, his medeling in others affairs and his blatent arrogence towards cigar smokers. He is always projecting about others and how it brings him injustice. The truth is Bob shut up and run your store as a man not a whiner. as a result this shop owner will never see another penny from me as long as I roam the earth and smoke.

  • john Wesley says:

    Dear Chef.

    I’ve been a long standing customer at Big Sticks. If anything, Bob should be commended for having such a great store and great customer service. The only one who’s being rude here is you. So using the same logic you use to say Bob should be banned from business, you should be banned from using a computer. If you’re going to go to the trouble of insulting someone, you may want to consider using smaller words. Your inability to spell the words you use are certainly indicative of an ignorant individual who only seeks to cause drama. Let’s keep this website for the grownups, shall we?

    John Wesley

  • Jen S. says:

    I buy cigars for my boyfriend here. A nice store with great customer service and a very helpful staff. Bob is a very nice man who I think runs a beautiful clean store.
    With this said, the comment from MAGIK CHEF seems way off base and a bit mental. To “totally” disagree with all the comments posted here by others who have posted in the past is absurd.

    I like shopping at Big Sticks and will continue to do so.

    Jen S.

  • Tom Clements says:

    “Magik Chef”, I hope you cook better than you spell. Maybe you have smoked one too many magic mushrooms. I have made some good friends at Bob’s store, and if you don’t like it go somewhere else…..get a life.

  • Jason Pearce says:

    While I love the layout and decor of the shop, my experiences have been mixed. I’ve visited about a dozen times since the store opened and I would say that half of those times were enjoyable and half of them I have felt rushed.

    The person running the place (I’m assuming he is the owner) tends to be a little unfriendly and usually won’t leave me alone for more than two minutes at a time in the humidor. If I have a question, I’ll come find you! It would be a much more pleasant experience if you would let me look around for a few minutes and see what you have before you try to get me to buy some obscure brand that you appear to be overstocked on. But I realize that others may not mind that.

    The other times it was busier and I think because of that I was able to browse comfortably and enjoy the store without interruption. A few times there has been a lady working there (after reading above I see that it must be his wife) and her smile warmed the place up considerably. More of that please! They also have an excellent selection which is really the reason I keep going back now and then.

    I still recommend the store to friends because of the selection. If you are looking for that hard to find stick, look for it here. But could benefit the owner needs to lighten up and try a little harder to be pleasant to those who may not be regular customers and/or friends. If I felt a little more welcome there I would visit more often and I’m sure others would too.

  • Dale Russell says:

    I do not know the owner well except for stopping at the store to pick up some smokes about once a week. Being a business owner myself and after reading your comments, I wonder if the reason you feel you get followed into the humidor more than most has to do with how you conduct yourself or have conducted yourself in the past? How your dressed might even be a factor.

    I know employees at my store tend to treat people that dress like a bum differently. It is wrong to do that but the general public tends to treat people differently when someone doesn’t look like their idea of normal.

    Being left alone for only two minutes most likely has to do with giving good customer service if they come in to ask you if you need assistance. I like Big Sticks and the customer service there has always been great. I have been going there for almost two years. I have friends who shop there and they find the shop to be clean and friendly.

    I have been to other shops in the valley (G Cigars in Scottsdale, Stogie Cutter in Gilbert, Churchills on Mill ave) and have been ignored the whole time I was there except when they took my money.

    I like that someone comes over to ask me if I need help picking out a smoke or takes time out to tell me what’s new.
    Because of the size of the humidor I can see it might be overwhelming to some who shop there.

    Just my two cents


  • Dale Stelter says:

    Just moved to Arizona and have been looking for a nice cigar shop. I found that Big Sticks has the best selection of any that I’ve been to. The owner has been more than happy to place special orders for myself, and the staff has the knowledge to steer me towards a lot of great cigars that I’ve never had before. Best part is that I haven’t met one regular customer that wasn’t friendly or willing to chat about great smokes! This place is one of the best I’ve been to! BTW, prices are great here as well.

  • Jack of all trades says:

    I think its pretty obvious that Big Sticks and the staff have been commenting on this site more than once. The comments seem rigged. I’ve never been in that place with more than 5 people in it (other than a party).

    The selection is awesome at the store, but it has no atmosphere and even less customer service. Beautiful store though.

    -Jack Brack

  • Dave says:

    Hey Jack, right up front, I work for Big Sticks and this is my first time commenting.

    The owner does have a working computer at Big Sticks in which customers do use and go to this site and other cigar sites.
    Puffing is a great site. We all here enjoy it. I know for a fact the owner here at Big Sticks tells people to check out Puffing.

    With that said, your way off, Jack. Or is it Jack off?

    How would the store stay in business if it never had more than 5 customers? People do come in and buy cigars and then leave because they have a life and don’t always have time to sit in our awesome lounge area.

    And from your comment you must shop there because you have attended a cigar party. We thank you for your support Jack. You are right it is a beautiful store with a great selection as told by all 5 of its customers. LOL.

    I give great customer service so I would like you to come by and let me show you how good our service is. Call first so I can have the other 4 customers come by at the same time.
    And thanks for the compliments.

    Dave, employee, Big Sticks.

  • [...] Bob Guertin, owner of Big Sticks Fine Cigars, and new partner Dean DiStasio came across a dying cigar shop in the Chandler/Gilbert area they [...]

  • Big Sticks is “my” cigar lounge! I’m there 3-4 times a week to get some work done, relax, shoot some pool and enjoy the company of the great employees and patrons. Bob and Dave always have a suggestion on what to try when I don’t want to make a choice. To make it even better, the have cream soda, in a real bottle! I’ve been to almost every cigar lounge/shop in the valley and Big Stick is by far the best. I could go on, but I don’t think I can say enough good things about the lounge, selection, staff and atmosphere.

    • Beaux says:

      Big sticks is not a cigar lounge…IE no liquor license. If you want a good cigar lounge go to Magnum’s. They have a bigger humidor, they serve food, you can smoke inside or on the patio, they have the biggest selection of whiskys, whiskeys, bourbons, cognacs, liquers, Scotches and cigars in the entire Phonix area. Plus the sommelier is great at pairing a cigar with the alcoholic beverage of your choice.

      • Bob says:

        A cigar lounge is a cigar shop with a “lounge” for the customers to “sit in” and smoke the cigar they purchase, and not just a “retail tobacco store” where you pop in to buy your tobacco.

        Magnums is a great shop, but it is a “CIGAR BAR”. A Cigar bar is where you can smoke inside (and buy a beer) like a CIGAR LOUNGE but a cigar lounge typically DOES NOT serve alcohol.

        Cigar Bar – self explanatory
        Cigar lounge – Lounge area no bar.

  • Pat Kennedy says:

    Haven’t been there, but will try if ever in East Valley. I only go where I feel welcomed. If they can’t greet me at the store, then I’m out. I want to be somewhere friendly.

  • Kevin Cooley says:

    My home away from home. I visit there pretty much on a daily basis. Bob is very knowledgeable, and has provided solid advise and recommendations on numerous occasions. A very comfortable environment and very friendly staff. The best cigar lounge I have ever had the pleasure of visiting.

  • Kevin says:

    What a great place…Best cigar shop in the valley I have ever been to. If this place doesn’t have it then you dont need it!!!! Great prices as well. Location is the best. I wish I lived a lot closer to it. Hade a great time while smoking there and would highly recomend it to everyone.

  • Dave "DB" says:

    Let’s see, where should I start. Big Sticks is definitely a lounge to first off enjoy a cigar, and second watch tv, hang with the others that frequent the shop, shoot some pool, and relax. Oh and have another cigar after the first. One of the better shops that I have been too as I am there almost everyday, and I have been to a good amount in the area.

    In response to “Beaux” who replied to Kevin’s response a few posts before, Big Sticks is a CIGAR LOUNGE. Magnum’s is a specialty beer and wine shop with a bar off to the side that you can enjoy a drink…IE liquor and enjoy a cigar from their walk in humidor. They are a cigar bar. Oh and also there humidor is not bigger, nor do they have the selection that big sticks has. The reason magnums can sell liquor still is that the owner has the money to fight the system. Any person that can’t enjoy a cigar without a glass of liquor or cries about it not being sold at a shop is not a man. And to be quite frank, I had a very bad experience at Magnum’s in which it literally took 20 minutes to get a couple glasses of water, and when I ordered an adult beverage, that’s another story. And I don’t need someone else suggesting what to drink with my cigar as I know what to pair a good cigar with myself.

    If you wanna go to a friendly place where you will be greeted as you walk in whether a regular or its your first time at the shop, Big Sticks is the place to be. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and remember “the best cigar is the one you enjoy most”- quote by the owner of Big Sticks.

  • I started smoking cigars recently and knew nothing past what was at the drug store. You know – RG Dunn The Biggest and the Best. Says so on the label. I spotted the shop in the complex with Bass Pro and stopped in. Friendly and helpful are the two words that first come to mind. People spent time with me and seemed very patient with my “stupid” questions. I really like this shop! I live in Tucson and try to get there when I can.

  • E.O.D. vs Former MP says:

    Just remember, if you pick it up, you have to buy it.