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21 Degrees Cigar & Accessories – Scottsdale, AZ

Submitted by Rob on May 3, 2010 – 3:00 amOne Comment

Trying to make a unique mark with the cigar community in Scottsdale, Arizona is no easy task. So the 21 Degrees Cigar & Accessories lounge owner, Pat Mitchel, reached out to a little known cigar company to help bring in the guests – Rocky Patel. Thus Scottsdale cigar smokers with a large cigar budget now have the ability to visit 21 Degrees Cigar & Accessories and join the ever so comfortable “Rocky Patel Cigar Lounge”.

So what’s behind the name of this particular cigar lounge? Let’s get that explanation directly from the website: “You are probably wondering what 21 Degrees stands for. The optimum temperature for cigars is 21 degrees Celsius, which is 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and the optimum humidity is 70 percent. We strive to have the best environment for our premium cigars in our spacious cedar walk in humidor so what better than 21 Degrees.

Walking through the front door and with a quick glance you can take in the entire public section of the shop. The cash register is to the left, some accessories are located to the right and just passed that is the everyman lounge. This everyman’s lounge is done quite well with fully reclining leather seats that are perfectly situated in front of a nice T.V. However it’s important to note that the “everyman” lounge is only capable of accommodating about 4 people.

The well-stocked humidor is located at the end of the lounge next to the “everyman” section. Selection is great and you are able to find anything from the popular boutique to the … general General cigar. Prices are on par with out lounges in the area but they usually have a deals section that offers cigars at a great discount. This humidor also contains a number of lockers that are situated high above the cigars making it seem somewhat tedious to access.

Rocky Patel, love or hate his cigars, always operates in style and the cigar lounge bearing his name is no different. Walk through the vault door labeled “Members Only” and enter a world of great luxury. The RP lounge has a beautiful pool table, a great number of dark leather lounge chairs, group seating, a card table in the back, and a bar in the very back. Members get to share an area that appears to be about the same size, if not bigger, than the entire public section. 21 Degrees was built for its members and this can clearly be felt and experienced, which is not necessarily a good thing for the “everyman”.

I would like to take the time to acknowledge the great staff at 21 Degrees Cigar & Accessories. Everyone was courteous, personable and extremely knowledgeable. There was not a single tobacco fact or cigar (industry) question that we couldn’t get answered by the people who were assisting us.

21 Degrees Cigar & Accessories with the Rocky Patel Lounge is one great experience that everyone will enjoy. This is a great shop to become a member of if you’re longing to belong somewhere or just simply need a smoking haven. However the “everyman” might feel a little uncomfortable if he’s not one of the early travels to the lounge.

21 Degrees Cigar & Accessories
(480) 551-2121
14144 N. 100th Street Suite B105
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Visit the 21 Degrees Cigar & Accessories website.

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One Comment »

  • Cigars says:

    Rocky Patel is a “little known cigar company”? That’s funny.

    This looks like a great place to go and enjoy a smoke with fellow brothers of the leaf. I really like the fact that you can get a private locker in the humidor. Very classy touch!