PuffingCigars.com Cigar Reviews, News, & Culture 2015-06-16T21:02:34Z http://puffingcigars.com/feed/atom/ WordPress Oliver http://puffingcigars.com <![CDATA[Underrated: Rafael Gonzales Perlas]]> http://puffingcigars.com/?p=6494 2013-11-01T09:33:19Z 2013-11-01T09:33:19Z I do like the Rafael Gonzales cigars, they are one of my favorites. The brand is often underrated by a lot of smokers, and the reason is still unknown to me. It is classified as a local brand by Habanos S.A., thus, having a minor market share.  However, I am sure that Habanos could invest more money into the brand’s development, make it more popular among smokers. But that already becomes their concern.

The cigar has an oily wrapper, is dark shadowed and is quite short – for those who prefer a 25 to 35 minutes smoke.

There’s nothing special about the pre-draw, just a small hint of barnyard which is almost unnoticeable.

The cigar is too short to tell you about any stages of aroma and flavors progression.  However, I would emphasize a lot of woody and earthy flavors, with hints of rich sweet complex chocolate and cream. I have also noticed a small hint of coffee in it, but it was a passing impression, so I am not sure about that. Will have to smoke another Perla to tell you for sure, and I wouldn’t having one more as I really liked it.

My overall impression is that this cigar is absolutely worth the money you spend on it and will hardly disappoint a notice or an aficionado. Designed for busy people who like smoking their Cubans but have almost no time, neither places for doing that.  If you became interested in this particular cigar, I’m sure you’ll always at www.my-cuban-cigars.com. They are my current suppliers, and I am absolutely thankful for what they do to keep their customers satisfied with service and products’ quality.

Alex http://puffingcigars.com/ <![CDATA[Cuaba Diademas: Impressive-Looking Stogies]]> http://puffingcigars.com/?p=6490 2013-10-18T11:52:12Z 2013-10-18T11:52:12Z The medium ring of a cigar measures is 40 – 45 inches, so the 55 inch diameter of the Cuaba Diademas was bound to attract my interest. Having got a little bit tired of smoking my favorite Robustos, I decided to try these much-lauded Cuaba Diademas, and used www.cuban-cigars-store.com for this.

When I opened the package, I was overwhelmed by that great Cuban smell that was coming out of the coffin. The cigars had a flawless construction with an oily wrapper and no soft spots that can make the cigar burn hot and uneven. The draw – which worries me most of all when I deal with Cuban cigars – was smooth and easy.

cuaba diademas

When I started smoking the cigar, I was bit disappointed: the Diademas were not as flavorful as I had hoped for. But my concerns were in vain because as I got into the first third, the taste of the cigar got much better with creamy caramel flavors specific to Habano cigars, mixing with vanilla smoke. As I kept smoking, the smoke and the flavors were getting more intense.  I took my time smoking this impressive stogie and finished in two hours and a half or so.

This is a cigar that requires no rush and should be smoked slowly for better enjoyment. Take a glass of whiskey, sit in his favorite chair in the living room and relax, enjoying herbaceous flavors and splashes coffee, mocha, and caramel.

Overall, the flavor of the Diadema was much lighter than other Cuaba stogies I’ve tried. This is the perfect cigar for those who aren’t into particularly strong flavors but still like big vitolas.

Oliver http://puffingcigars.com <![CDATA[A Cigar Dream Come True: Trinidad Reyes]]> http://puffingcigars.com/?p=6483 2013-10-04T18:36:31Z 2013-10-04T18:34:34Z Why did I choose this brand? Well, simply because I like the idea of their uniqueness – a box of 12 or 24 cigars is so different than the usual 25 or 10-counting when talking about Cuban cigars. :) But, seriously, I have always wanted to try one of those beauties because:

  1. They look awesome
  2. They say, those cigars age well and had a lot better potential than a Cohiba Behike could ever give someone.

A decent appearance: smooth soft texture and light chocolate color, but I wouldn’t expect less from a cigar of that level. Although and mainly because the Trinidad is considered a niche brand, it has always been underestimated. However, it could easily compete with such giants as Cohiba, Montecristo and Romeo y Julieta.

Well, going down from the surface to the inside – the flavors come first. With a chocolate colored wrapper, the cigar will also surprise you with rich cacao and wood flavors. The same thing happens with the taste buds – an abundance of cocoa hints mixed with woody nuances in the first third, a cedar hind in the second third, and a light mixture of something almost undetectable in the last third.

If you have been seeking for a great quick smoke full of character, this wonderful Reyes is exactly what you need and expect from a cigar of that kind of format. Just give it some time to properly age, and you’ll never regret a penny spent on a box of 12 or 24 cigars, or a pack of 5. By the way, this is all they have in range, so if someone ever tries to buy you with a box of 25 or a pack of 3, don’t you ever trust that person! :)

The range of packaging could be easily found at www.25cigars.com which was so generous to send me a box of 12 to enjoy and share my thoughts with you. By the way, if you order a box of 24 cigars, you won’t have to worry about shipping fees, since it’s free starting from $200 purchase.

Alex http://puffingcigars.com/ <![CDATA[Hoyo de Monterrey Petit Robusto: Always a Pleasure]]> http://puffingcigars.com/?p=6478 2013-09-20T12:58:07Z 2013-09-20T12:58:07Z Once in a while, you don’t need a strong cigar. You just need a cigar that will bring you pleasure and will not be too  attention-consuming. For such occasions, the Hoyo de Monterrey Petit Robusto is a perfect match.

When decided I want a box, I ordered them from one of the most reputable cigar providers out there – www.my-cuban-cigars.com. And eight days later, I was opening the wooden box and inhaling the rich aroma of the Petit Robustos.

Now, there’s a tip that you’d better use if you don’t want to feel the ammonia of a freshly rolled Hoyo de Monterrey Petit Robusto – never get them just out of factory and better wait until they age. But given that they are of the right age, you won’t regret getting them.

hoyo de monterrey petit robusto

The beginning is rather mild and earthy, but the flavor develops progressively. The second third introduces a nice hint of peppery spice and a very nice cedar flavor. The flavor goes from mild to medium strength, just enough to remind u that you are smoking a fine cigar.  The finish is long lasting which makes the Petit Robustos even better.

Overall, this stogie is a medium bodied smoke with woody, creamy, spicy and mushroom flavors. It does look a bit small, but you will be surprised to find out that it will keep you busy for over an hour.

It is always a pleasure to smoke the Hoyo de Monterrey Petit Robusto – I can recommend it to you with a safe conscience, especially if you get it from www.my-cuban-cigars.com.


Oliver http://puffingcigars.com <![CDATA[Vegas Robaina Famosos: An Undiscovered Territory]]> http://puffingcigars.com/?p=6471 2013-09-09T09:11:06Z 2013-09-06T14:32:35Z What is the difference between a Cohiba Robustos and a Vegas Robaina Famosos? The first is a renowned brand and many of you have smoked it, I’m sure. The second cigar is less known, but it doesn’t mean it’s worse or doesn’t deserve your attention. Cohiba Robustos is highly valued by many people due to the brand name Cohiba and that luxury aspect it bears while Vegas Robaina Famosos is less popular and much more modest but not less tasty. And I’m going to prove it right away!

A little bit of history: The line has been established in 1997 by Don Alejandro Robaina and is considered a novice if compared to other brands such as Romeo Y Julieta or Partagas. Don Alejandro has been growing the best tobacco in the Vuelta Abajo, (Pinar del Rio), region for over fifty years. His cigars are highly valued by connoisseurs and those who like mold to medium cigars with subtle taste.

Talking of the appearance – this cigar looks great and smooth to the touch, as well as to the eye. J There are some visible veins on the surface but who cares, really? Being at about $10-$11 per stick, it looks great and tastes awesome, so it looks impeccable to me.

The taste is very similar to that of Don Alejandro (if you ever smoked one, you’ll understand what I mean) but the cigar is much shorter, with a different ring gauge:  length – 127 and ring gauge – 48.

At first, I was graced with a mild flavor abundant of cocoa notes and lots of sweetness. Like it so much when a cigar is mild, as it is like a relaxing time after a hard day of work.

After smoking the cigar for a while, I experienced some pepper and pine notes which freshened the cigar a bit and give it a totally new perspective.

It’s an amazing cigar but often underrated, that is why I highly recommend it to all my friends and everyone reading our website. Try it, my friends, you’ll never regret a bit of its ash, I promise. I would also like to add that I was hesitant about smoking it at first but a very nice person from www.25cigars.com – MS Melanie Navis was so kind and attentive to me and my preferences that she managed to persuade me to try something new, namely, this cigar, and I never regretted it. Thank you, MS Navis!

Alex http://puffingcigars.com/ <![CDATA[Montecristo No. 2: One of the Most Sought After Cigars]]> http://puffingcigars.com/?p=6465 2013-07-22T14:38:33Z 2013-07-22T14:38:33Z It is easy to review the next cigar on my list, the Montecristo No. 2.  Everybody likes it. Not surprisingly, I like it myself. So, what this cigar has that others haven’t?

It is safe to say that the Montecristo No. 2 is a big cigar. With a 52’ring gauge and a 156 cm length, you will be busy with this stogie for 90 minutes or so. And while there are some cigar smokers that prefer their smokes to be short, I like my cigars long and thick to fully enjoy their flavor.

And in the flavor department, the Monte No. 2 certainly delivers a lot. At the beginning, it is quite mild, but you are in for some elaborate woody and cedar flavors closer to the middle. The woody flavor becomes even richer towards the finish. Overall, the smoke is delicious and there is lots of it.

montecristo no 2

The Monte No.2 is rather on the medium/strong side. Many newbies don’t like their cigars this strong, but the smooth burn and creamy taste can compensate for this.

There is, however, one issue I’ve heard my fellow cigar smokers complain about – the up-and-down construction. Some of them were unlucky to purchase the Monte No.2 with a construction that was not up to par. Personally, I have not encountered as I bought my cigars from a trustworthy source – www.cuban-cigars-store.com – and asked them to inspect my cigars prior to shipping. But, as far as I heard, these unfortunate cases are rarer these days as the construction has improved over the years.

Despite the above said, I’d recommend this cigar to everybody who knows a thing or two about cigars as this is probably the best Cuban torpedo I’ve ever tasted.


Oliver http://puffingcigars.com <![CDATA[A Hidden Treasure: Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 1]]> http://puffingcigars.com/?p=6457 2013-07-05T09:03:09Z 2013-07-05T08:54:12Z When I picked up this cigar from my humidor yesterday – to experience some pleasant after dinner moments – a sudden thought hit my mind: why is Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 1 underrated and underestimated so often? What’s the reason, considering that it could compete with such brands as Cohiba and Montecristo? The taste is great and the price could beat plenty of Cuban cigars, with approximately $7 price for a stick. Well, now that you know it is great, let me tell you the whole truth about Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 1! :)

Did you know that this brand is one of the oldest among its Cuban siblings and was established in 1876 by a Spanish businessman Juan Lopez Diaz, the founder of the Flor de Juan Lopez factory? However, almost a century ago, it was nationalized by the Cuban Government, after the 1960′s Revolution and is now occupying a niche of a marca locale, or a local marque.

The cigar looks absolutely amazing! It has that special rustic look with a light brown color that I often prefer to the smooth surface of a Cohiba Behike. :) The pre-draw is a mixture of woody and earthy odor, and is very pleasant to the nose.

Though the first third produced floral nuances and also some sugar, honey and citrus notes at the beginning, this cigar is mostly about wood and spiciness. It may seem difficult to smoke, especially, for beginners, but it is not, I assure you! Everyone with a craving for spice and wood will like it: the beginners – for its creamy structure and almost no burning issues; the aficionados – for its rich taste, mighty flavors and full body.

I used to buy Cuban cigars from different sources till I found www.cigars-for-you.com. These guys are great and I would like to thank them for always providing me with flawless high-quality Cuban cigar, right in time for me to sample them!  You know that when you find a right place/a right cigar, you stick to it and never change it for another one. What about you? ;)

Alex http://puffingcigars.com/ <![CDATA[Bolivar Belicosos Finos: Not for the Faint-Hearted]]> http://puffingcigars.com/?p=6451 2013-06-21T11:27:01Z 2013-06-21T11:27:01Z We’ve had enough talk about cigars for novices that almost everyone will like. Now, it’s time for a cigar for aficionados! I’ve long intended to write about a gem among strong and tempered cigars – the Bolivar Belicosos Finos. This time, I got them from www.cuban-cigars-store.com.

You get that this cigar is serious only by the looks of it. The Bolivar Belicosos Finos has an oily darkish brown wrapper. You can see Bolivar’sparticular attention to detail in the band: it is beautiful and  easy to remove, without an traces of glue.

bolivar belicosos

But let’s get to that which matters most of all – the taste. Strong, leathery, woody, and tempered – it is a worthy subject for any real man. I felt a hit of pepper at the beginning, then followed by blasts of wood, spice and espresso a salty trace on my tongue. If you are more accustomed to the sweet taste of cigars, this cigar is not for you – I didn’t feel any sweetness there. The finish with an overpowering woodsy flavor might even get too harsh at the end. This is probably one of the strongest and full bodied Cuban stogies out there.

As for the construction of the cigars, there were no flaws in that department. The draw was very smooth, the burn was even and the ash was dense and solid – it held up to 1.5 inch.

As you might have guessed, this is not a morning cigars – it is better to enjoy it after a good dinner. If you are a seasoned cigar smoker and like full body Belicosos, this is the cigar for you!

Oliver http://puffingcigars.com <![CDATA[H. Upmann Petit Coronas – Great Choice for Beginners]]> http://puffingcigars.com/?p=6447 2013-06-07T14:42:58Z 2013-06-07T14:42:58Z H.Upmann cigars are among my favorite, smoking them brings me a lot of pleasure, and sometimes I don’t even want to change them to something new. So since I’ve smoked the Petit Coronas for several times already, I decided to read or, better, type out loud my thoughts about this little but very significant cigar in the H.Upmann line.

This particular cigar looked great, moreover, most of them look great, bearing in mind that I have smoked dozens of Petit Coronas till now. I think that Cubans understand that this brand is one of our favorite, so it has to be flawless and look great, if not perfect.

This particular cigar had some visible veins on it and was a little lumpy to the touch which gave it a rustic look. And I must admit, I like such appearances, it indicates (to me, at least) that someone has put his heart into it; it should be a good one!

The draw was easy – at this one, to be precise, because I had a few which were a little bit tight and I had to retouch them while smoking.  The draw is an essential part, particularly at these stogies, since I am smoking them when I have a little time, and having to retouch them while smoking would take too much time which I don’t have.

The cigar is light to medium, and is good both for beginners and even for the experienced aficionados who like lightening up from time to time. It was very sweet all the way to the nub, although developed into more complex flavors of dark espresso with pepper notes at the end, leaving a very strong coffee aftertaste in the mouth.

So my final opinion would be that you hurry and buy a box or two of these wonderful stogies while they’re still in stock because they are great for an everyday smoke and for those who like puffing one or two while on break at work or in a cold morning, with a cup of hot coffee.

I bought a couple of boxes from www.My-Cuban-Cigars.com , and I’m still savouring them .I hope they’ll have some boxes left when I finish mine, so, guys, if you are reading my message, I will be back very soon, I hope you’re already waiting for me! ;)

Alex http://puffingcigars.com/ <![CDATA[San Cristóbal La Fuerza: Off-The-Radar Cigar]]> http://puffingcigars.com/?p=6442 2013-05-23T12:51:27Z 2013-05-23T12:18:46Z All cigar aficionados know four distinguished brands such as Cohiba, Montecristo, Partagas  and Romeo y Julieta. And only devoted cigar smokers who get their cigars in La Casa del Habano cigar stores know other brands like San Cristóbal. It’s not an old brand – it was launched in 1999 in the hope to spark the interest of those who think that Cuban stogies are too strong.

Since I am a US citizen, I don’t buy my Cuban cigars from official La Casa del Habano cigar stores and opted for www.25cigars.com instead. Eight days later, the package with the San Cristóbal cigars which I decided to try first – San Cristóbal La Fuerza – got to me.

I pulled this cigar out last Friday to enjoy while I surf the cigar boards and enjoy a little bit of quiet. The La Fuerza has an unusual size format – it is an extended Robusto, called gordito (meaning fatty in Spanish) by the manufacturer. I like how the La Fuerza is made – it features a dark and oily wrapper with tiny veins, just the way I like it. The construction was good too, so the burn and draw were easy and even, and there was no shortage of smoke.

san cristobal la fuerza

The cigar turned out to be woody with light floral hints in the first third turning into hints of burned sugar, nuts, wood and green pepper in the second third. The taste of the San Cristóbal La Fuerza was somewhat light, flat, rather on the light side of medium. The size is great – it took over an hour to smoke, so I’ve managed to enjoy more than a bit of relaxing with a cigar.

To sum it up, if you are a Robusto lover, you probably won’t like this cigar. But if you choose to keep an open mind or have just got into the world of cigars, chances are that you will like this off-the-radar cigar. I would also recommend to let sit it in the humidor for a few months, it will probably change this cigar for the better.