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The Battle of the cigar greats Siglo III Tubo and Siglo IV Tubo

Submitted by David Carley on December 6, 2011 – 6:08 amNo Comment

Both of these cigars were released in 1992 and international in 1994. These select cigars were created to celebrate 500th anniversary of Columbus coming to the new world. These cigars were selected from some of the finest tobacco at the time. These were rolled for a newer audience of smokers and were much milder and creamy than a lot of other cigars at the time. This was a great choice by Cohiba and it caught on throughout the cigar industry.

Apperance: I’m not sure about you but I have rarely seen any Cohiba’s that looked bad. Especially not in the siglo series they pay so much attention to detail. These were both beautiful cigars. For this I would have to give them a Tie.

Siglo III: This stick has a beautiful caramel colored wrapper and is virtually vainless. There is not a blemish anywhere to be found. It has a perfect three ring cap and smells great right out of the tube.

Siglo IV: There is not much of a difference here it is also a extremely great job done while wrapping this cigar. There a slightly darker wrapper but still very caramel wrapper. It is constructed with great care you can tell just by looking at it.

First Third: The first third of both of these cigars were great. They had some slight flavor differences but at the beginning they were both fairly spicy. The siglo III had some pepper notes which were slight but delightful. Whereas the siglo IV had a little nuttiness to it. I would give the first third to the Siglo III.

Second Third: The second third one of the sticks had a drastic change and the other stayed the same. They siglo IV got a very nutty and coffee taste to it will is quite a nice surprise when you were used the spice of the first third. The siglo III stayed mostly spicy and the pepper notes got a little stronger. I would have to say that the Siglo IV wins this round because of the change in flavors.

Last Third: In the last both of these fantastic cigars finished strong. The siglo IV was a nice nutty flavor that will make you want to smoke another. The siglo III was finishing up with almost a sweet pepper taste to it which is exactly what cohiba was looking for when they made these cigars. The last third goes to the Siglo III.

Pairing: They both were great to smoke by themselves and I would recommend doing so for such great cigars. If you are someone who likes to pair their sticks with a drink I would have to say for the siglo III a nice glass of whiskey or old rum would be best to compliment to sweet yet spicy flavors. As far as the siglo IV I’m not totally sure what you would want to pair this with because of all the changes in flavors maybe a light beer so that it does not interfere with the flavor change. The pairing with a drink hands down goes to the Siglo III.

Conclusion: I loved both of these cigars and I constantly tell everyone I know about them. They are great to share with family and friends and most people I share them with love them too. But in this fight I can only choose one winner and I would have to go with the Siglo III. It has always been one of my favorites and it constantly impresses me. I feel it is more rounded then the Siglo IV. If you have a hard day sit down smoke one of theses and let you worries slide away.

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