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Tatuaje Anarchy Review

Submitted by Cliff on November 25, 2010 – 1:18 pmNo Comment

Tatuaje Anarchy

Size: 6 X 52 Perfecto

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

MSRP: $10.00

With all the recent hype around the Anarchy, I was very pleased to open the mail and find a couple of them earlier this week.  It seems like we just went through one of these much anticipated, Tatuaje frenzies with the recent release of the 3rd cigar in the Monster series from the masterminds of Pete Johnson and Pepin.  But here we are, yet again, waiting, wanting, and now finally getting the latest from Tatuaje.

This Cigar, although created by Pepin and Pete, came from the mind of Pete’s good friend Abe Dababneh of Smoke Inn in Florida.  Abe approached Pete in the Spring of 2009 with an idea and after 6 attempts, they finally “struck gold.”

First Take: Upon first gaze,  The Anarchy is a sturdy, 6 x 52, almost perfecto slash solomon slash something shaped cigar.  It has an interesting pig tail that takes up the entire head of the cigar.  The wrapper is a dark brown color with minimal if any veins and was oozing with oils. A very different, very eye catching stogie.

Performance: The Anarchy started off with a bang, easy to light and it picked right up with loads of smoke and really coated my pallet right off the bat.  The aroma was rich with chocolate and coffee and the smoke was thick and cool.  The burn was nearly flawless throughout the cigar and I believe it only needed correcting 1 time about mid way though.  As most Pepin made cigars, from my experience, the construction and performance was right on the money.

Tastes: The Pre-draw flavors were a leather and coffee with hints on cinnamon.  Very tasty tobacco on the lips. At the initial light up the Anarchy started off with a burst of flavor and spice.  Loads of leather and almost a toasty campfire fire feel.  It was very unique and hard to pinpoint but was very pleasant right out of the shoot.  After about an inch or so the spice cooled off the some chocolate and coffee flavors became dominate.  The spice was there at the finish, as expected, but took a back seat throughout the rest of the cigar. For the most part, the Anarchy was pretty consistent with a sweet, coffee flavor with bits of leather and spice. Near the end, the cigar did show some small signs of maybe being a little young.  Some metallic and a slight musty taste and aroma came about.

Final Thoughts: Even with the hype and buzz that Abe built up around this release, and the fact that it’s a new cigar from masterminds Pepin and Pete, I still had somewhat mixed expectations.  The Anarchy was a different smoke, a unique cigar from Tatuaje.  It is a medium to full bodied smoke with very complex flavors and had me interested for 90 minutes.  These cigars are definitely worth a box purchase for the simple fact that they are unique and I think that with time they are going to get even better.  I enjoyed it a lot and will definitely be trying to get my hands on more tomorrow.

The Anarchy goes on sale tonight, November 25th at midnight on the Smoke Inn Website. With a limited release of only 1500 boxes they will surly be gone by the end of the weekend so grab a box while you can.

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