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Siglo Limited Reserve X

Submitted by Rob on April 1, 2009 – 2:47 am10 Comments

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Cubano
Filler: Dominican Republic & Nicaragua
Size: X (6×54)
Strength: Medium-Full

Siglo Limited ReserveSiglo Limited Reserve is the new line of cigars being introduced by the Altadis U.S.A. cigar company. The Siglo Limited Reserve cigar line is a prime example of just how Altadis has put forth zero effort to be different in the cigar world.

They took the opportunity to name the cigar line after another cigar in Cuba called the…Siglo. Altadis was even kind enough to give it the same numbering structure using roman numerals. Making this cigar a complete knockoff is the band which happens to be the same layout/design and more importantly using the same symbolic colors.

Did you pay Cohiba for their ideas? Maybe just send a thank you card?

I wasn’t able to dig up too much information on this, surprisingly, really good smoke. The only lounge, retailer, or website that seemed to have any information was this short story I found about the new Siglo Limited Resrves.

This is the first time they are making an exceptional Nicaraguan Cigar, handcrafted under the guidance of celebrated master blender Frank Llaneza. This cigar, characterized by it’s extraordinary boldness, complexity and a rich, fuller body. Siglo Limited Reserve’s bold flavor is derived from the finest Broadleaf binder and hand-selected Dominican and Nicaraguan long filler tobaccos, highlighted by a robust Ecuadorian Cubano wrapper.

Construction: Your eyes will focus on nothing but the bright yellow shiny (and impossible to photograph) band. Shortly after you will say “Wow, that’s a rough looking cigar.” At least that’s how my first impression went on the Siglo Limited. The wrapper is semi-oily with a nice medium color. Veins can be seen and felt around the wrapper along with the wrap lines created by the rollers. It’s rough.

Draw: The Siglo Limited Reserve X has the perfect draw. Each puff will create lots of smooth slightly peppery smoke.

Burn: I don’t know why but I expected a Cuban wannabe  cigar to have a really ugly burn. Maybe it’s the memories of friends smoking fake Cuban cigars from Mexico. Either way this was not the case. You get a nice, even, perfect burn with a peppery colored solid ash.

Taste: As soon as your remove the cellophane wrapper from the Siglo Limited your nostrils will flare and a raw tobacco smell will enter your nose.

So let me just cut to the chase: The Altadis knockoff creation is a consistently good smoke that just delivers the flavors of cured tobacco leafs. It’s the no BS, give me what I want, keep it simple, don’t forget the silky-smooth smoke type of cigar that everyone can enjoy from time to time.

For everyone who wants some more specifics on the Siglo: A light spice will sit in the back of your throat until you finally put the nub down. At the midpoint you have a slight woody flavor that is quite enjoyable. The ending will deliver a nice leather flavor that barely increases the body.


Final Verdict: Siglo Limited Reserve can be had online and at the local B&M in the $5.xx-7.xx price range. Get over the rip-off design, forget the attempt to reference Cuban cigars, just ignore everything that is annoying and smoke this stick. Pick up the Siglo for your humidor and enjoy this good creation from Altadis. I also want to make note that the Siglo Limited and the “raw tobacco taste” does really well with some age.

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  • donnie g says:

    really accurate review as i am sampling my first Siglo right now. first thing i thought was rough wrapper. spicy , bold, really great draw w/ lots of smoke. not an expert but i know what i like and dislike, good stick would recommend.

  • MUGZY says:

    Im smoking a Siglo II for the first time right now and I have quickly found myself pricing a box out online. Very good cigar.

  • Dave says:

    I too am trying one for the first time. I am enjoying it very much. Just be sure to take your time lighting this baby. I’ve had many a cigar that i rushed to lite, none with such consequences as this one. Once the harshness went away though, i found a great tasting simple Cigar. Peppery, woody, and coffee-eske on the finish. Am halfway through and the leathery note is starting to show its head. I couldn’t be happier.

  • Hot Stuff x says:

    “Did you pay Cohiba for their ideas? Maybe just send a thank you card?”

    Why should they pay Cohiba? Altadis owns a 50% interest in Habanos S.A., so they are borrowing the name and band design of another cigar line that they own.

    • Steve says:

      Exactly. I’ve heard people saying that they are expecting General Cigars to take up some kind of lawsuit with Altadis for making the Siglo. The Dominican “Red Dot” Cohiba (owned by General Cigars) has nothing to do with the Cuban Cohiba (owned majorly by Altadis).

  • Albert says:

    Siglo is an excellent cigar. It comes in third place of my favorite cigars. Number one is the Gurkha Shaggy and coming in a close second is Brickhouse. This is a close list as I would smoke either one of these and know how pleasurable it would be,

  • Gary says:

    I tried this smoke for the first time today and was pleasantly surprised. I am not an expierenced smoker but tend to smoke what I enjoy. There are some things I want in a good cigar and this cigar provided all in spades. The start was not harsh and the burn was even from the get go. Rich creamy smoke, smooth even draw and a gradual sweet spot that lasted for the better part of the cigar. The ash was light grey, fine and even all the way down. This cigar seems a little pricy for me and will not be an everyday smoke, but it will be one that I buy again for sure.

  • Ross says:

    Just turfed one after about an inch and a half (promised myself I would give it a decent shot even after a poor opening). Not a ‘smooth’ smoke, plenty of rough tobacco taste with some pepper and zero complexity. There are MUCH better non cuban cigars in this price point – Olive Series V, Lot 23 Maduro to name a couple. The Siglo is not even a yard-gar, it’s a poor quality smoke with a ugly wrapper and a bad blend.

    On the ‘trade name’ borrowing; its obvious – the Cohiba Siglo line are premium cigars with a lot of devotees and are well known as such by even those who don’t smoke cigars regularly. This is a cynical ploy to make the unwary try a bad cigar!

  • Rudini says:

    Smoked my first Siglo today. Went for Siglo IV. This Nicaraguan made stick is superb! It’s a well rolled cigar with just enough of the famous Nicaraguan leaf pepepry taste, nice aroma, good draw, and a nice solid and light ash. Very consistent end to end which is very important to me. Everything I want in a cigar is here, including the price.

  • Tom says:

    I picked up a couple Siglo III (Lonsdale) from a local B&M smoke shop for Sunday TV football at a friends house. At halftime we light up and were both amazed at this most enjoyable smoke. All I can say is a box of Siglo Limited Reserve will be bought in the near future. My personal rating: 5 stars