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Submitted by Cliff on August 30, 2010 – 4:00 amNo Comment

Simple…  Simple was the goal of Keith Park when he created his new line of cigars called Sencillo.  Mr. Park is the CEO of the the company that has brought us great cigars from Prometheus like God of Fire and Angelenos.

“The best things in life are simple pleasures. Let’s savor each moment.”                                                                                Keith K. Park

When I was given these cigars from Rob I had never heard of them and was under the general assumption that they were just another boutique company that was trying to make a name for themselves.  Not being one to judge without giving the cigar a fair and speedy trial, I took the smokes and stuck em in my Humidor for another day.  I loved the look from the get-go, very classy and “simple” and decided to give one a try.  I’m glad that I did…

The Sencillo was made especially for Keith Park by Camacho with the intent of creating a great everyday, affordable cigar from Prometheus.

At first glance the Sencillo has a very attractive Honduran wrapper that was vein free for the most part and very consistent of premium cigars made by Christian at Camacho.  . The double robusto had a nice weight to it and was without any soft spots or noticeable blemishes on the wrapper.  The Sencillo is a triple capped Honduran puro and has a very simple and classy look and band.  When lighting up the first thing i noticed was the burst of cedar spice and the abundance of smoke that came from the cigar which I love.  The spice was very dominant and left its mark on my tongue.

As I smoked though the 1st third and past the half way point the spice had settled and some leather and Espresso notes started to arise. The Ash held strong and had a the burn was jagged at times but never needed to be corrected.  The Sencillo also had a near perfect draw, little work required but with just enough resistance to keep the cigar feeling sturdy.  The smoke was plentiful and cool.

The leather and tobacco flavors stay dominant through the remainder with hints of spice along the  way and finishes with a burst of red pepper in the final third.  Although the flavors changed throughout, the cigar stayed pretty much medium to full bodied from start to finish.  There was an almost hidden sweetness to the Sencillo that kept the spice in check throughout and had my full attention.  It was a great combination.

So, another great cigar from Prometheus except this one happens to be 8 bucks.. From the fantastic construction to the complex flavors I will definitely be smoking it again…

“Simple” it is not…  But who wants simple anyways… I want great cigars and Sencillo is just that…


Size:  Double Robusto 5 3/4 x 52

Wrapper:  Honduran Habano Seed

Binder:  Honduran Habano Seed

Filler:  Honduran Piloto Cubano

MSRP:  $7.95

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