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Sancho Panza Double Maduro Cervantes

Submitted by Oliver on August 5, 2011 – 1:30 amNo Comment

Sancho Panza Double Maduro Cervantes

I didn’t want to give it a try for a very long time. To be sincere, I have heard one negative point of view which made me put this cigar off for an uncertain term. But then I decided that I must smoke it myself because tastes differ, and this could be one of the most exciting discoveries I ever made. :)
So here I am with this beautifully shaped cigar in one hand and a glass of good old buddy bourbon in another one – ready to start my amazing cigar journey.
Must say, I like these square-shaped cigars as much as the usual ones. :) Notwithstanding their format, they’re quite cozy to hold in the mouth. The cigar looks big but that fact never stopped me before. It’s quite long being 6 ½ inches long but with a medium gauge – 48. A happy medium for every smoker, I guess, especially when looking at its appearance – I would call it perfect! Smooth wrapper of strong maduro color – proving its nature, with no visible veins or any spots at all. Nice chocolate flavor at the beginning makes me think I’ll get a lot of pleasure from this journey.
Lit the cigar and had no problems with the draw from the start. Good draw and white even ash prove that this cigar was rolled by a person who knows his/her work and maybe even puts his/her soul into that. I wish everyone doing their work would act like that, and our world would be much better.
1st third: This sweet medium bodied cigar starts with some woody and spice nuances, but the leather is the flavor that is literally everywhere. It’s a very nice combination which made me think of some wild forest and a playful horse next to me.
2nd third: A very nice start, though the next half didn’t disappoint me either. The leather and woody flavors didn’t fade away, however the spicy hint stood out against the other nuances, underlining its own dominance. I still felt some fable chocolate and even coffee nuances throughout the cigar while smoking it, and this moment added savor to the whole process. Just imagine this: you, lying on the green grass in a deep forest, the birds are singing, the sun is shining, and your faithful friend-the horse-is grazing. And suddenly you see a beautiful girl calling you by name and offering you a hot chocolate to enjoy together with her. :) A fairytale, you think? Sancho Panza Double Maduro Cervantes, I say. :)
Last third: I guess I kind of forgot about the review and the cigar itself but it reminded me I have another several inches to smoke and enjoy. So, the cigar continues with its previous flavors, just added some nuts and peppery hints in the end, penetrating me in the nose with another portion of chocolate I truly love.
So, in my opinion, never listen to the others – they have their own point of view, and I have mine. But believe me, this stick is worth the money you pay for it (it’s very cheap for the quality it gives) and the pleasure you are going to enjoy for the next hour of your life.
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