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Rafael Gonzales Panetelas Extra

Submitted by Oliver on March 23, 2012 – 8:24 amNo Comment

Length: 127 mm
Diameter: 14.68 mm
Ring gauge: 37
Having read several controversial reviews on RG Panetelas Extra, I have decided to give it a try and tell you my personal point of view.
A box of 25 Panetelas Extra could be bought at a very attractive price – approximately $3.5 apiece. But since the price is one of my (and probably your) main criteria when buying cigars, I thought I’ll have at least 1-2 sticks and wouldn’t be disappointed if they weren’t worth.

The cigars looked great – tiny as they were, they seemed smooth, with oily wrapper and some visible veins which only added them additional charm.

Some of the smokers found this little stogie too tight, and couldn’t smoke it to the butt. Thank God, mine were just good for me –properly rolled, they didn’t make me feel I have wasted my time. Easily lit, I started my RG Panetelas Extra journey.
The cigar is mild to medium – very easy to smoke, I would advise it to a cigar novice for sure. Starting with floral and woody nuances, the stick will further offer you a tasting range of coffee and chocolate aftertaste.

What a great low costing cigar with a very gentle finish – my only concern, they don’t leave you too much of the taste in the end. I would say, they melted too soon and the taste immediately disappeared with them.

Overall evaluation: good Cuban cigar at a very reasonable price – for this kind of stogie; mild body – for newbies and women, and nice tasting nuances that won’t leave you indifferent.

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