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Punch Rare Corojo

Submitted by Rob on May 25, 2008 – 9:17 am5 Comments

Wrapper: Ecuador
Filler: Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Honduras
Size: Double Corona
Strength: Full

Punch Rare CorojoIt is said that the Punch Rare Corojo is a “rare” cigar that is limited due to the type of the reddish Sumatra wrapper leaves that are grown in the mountains of Ecuador. The Punch Rare Corojo was so rare that I was only able to find it in every cigar shop, multiple cigarette shops, and quite a few bong shops (when dialed).

Punch Rare Corjo is also not really a “corojo” because the wrapper is from Ecuador.

* Marketing students take note *

Construction: Overall a beautiful dark reddish boxed press cigar. The Punch box pressed design feels absolutely great in your hands. Wrapper wise it was perfectly wrapped, not too night and not loose in the least. The wrapper stays together perfectly while smoking.

Draw: The draw on the cigar was perfect and the right amount of smoke came through with each puff.

Burn: Again – just right. The ash even stayed on for about 50 minutes.

Taste: The moment you go to light the cigar you get an immediate sense of the spicy wrapper. I was excited, I was ready for a super spicy cigar! I was quickly disappointed. From the moment it was lit the Punch Rare Corojo started giving me a very distinct, horrible after taste. The smoke it self provided no real taste, no complexity, nothing for the pallet. Just the horrible aftertaste that I hope no other smoker ever experiences.

Cigars I would rather smoke:
Higher Priced – Ashton VSG
Same Price – Oliva G
Lower Priced – JFR

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  • oliva cigars says:

    [...] cigar that is limited due to the type of the reddish Sumatra wrapper leaves that are grown inhttp://puffingcigars.com/cigars/punch-rare-corojo/28/Oliva Cigars – Cigars by OlivaOliva cigars Same great cigars with a new look and larger selection! [...]

  • 0db says:

    Well, I unfortunately had the exact same experience. Did not taste good at all, and nothing corojo about it at all. I did not feel the cigar had any redeeming qualities. Well, I suppose the burn was OK. For half the price I could have had a Cusano ’97 and enjoyed a true “rare” (uncharacteristic) corojo.

  • Michael R says:

    Like the reviewer, my first few minutes with this cigar seemed promising. It just got progressively worse from there. Should have quit on it, but being cheap, I smoked it to the end. Ugh. Definitely on my “do not buy” list.

  • alex KATTAS says:

    hi, i got a seqendo from cigars . com for low cost it was a redish great smelling wrapper short rothchild lenth. small ring i think 44.. mmmm wow i got corojo… i could not put it down,, then i ordered a nazo of 25… they are real good, but not redish like i got befor punch makes them and they call them supper primium at cigar.com but are punch.
    i have a cusano corojo coming and buy the review maybe it is what i got the first time
    camacho corojo they say is good too.
    any other i should get for that COROJO SPICE I NEED

  • Tommy Toker says:

    I gues im the black sheep of the bunch because I actually liked these.
    They are different from Punch regular, as there is more sweetness and spice. They still taste like a good Honduran though and have that dense packed hefty feel to them, which is why they burn so well.
    These are just a fine, nutty/spicy/sweet, Honduran cigar with an almost red wrapper. Yes it can be redder for a Corojo but it doesn’t mean it’s a bad cigar.