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Perdomo Reserve Champagne Epicure

Submitted by Rob on March 23, 2009 – 11:48 amOne Comment

Wrapper: Connecticut Shade
Filler: Nicaragua
Size: Epicure or “E” (6×54)
Strength: Mild-Medium

Perdomo Reserve ChampagneThere’s always something great about getting together with a group of friends and hitting the golf course early in the morning. Perhaps it’s the smell of fresh cut grass, the cool crisp air you don’t get in the workplace, or…maybe it’s something more.

Maybe it’s the pride you get from seeing the keg-golf cart attachment (that you spent a full weekend building) flawlessly work. Maybe it’s the general comradery, flowing ice cold beverages, or even your swing that seems to shank less than usual. Now only one thing can complete the picture: A perfect golfing cigar.

So what do I reach for when I think of the perfect morning golf cigar? Perdomo Reserve Champagne Epicure of course.

The Perdomo Reserve Champagne cigars were honored as the “Cigar of the Year” by the Robb Report.  Perdomo describes this wonderful cigar as: “… a limited, seasonal release with a golden U.S. Connecticut shade wrapper over six years lending a mild, smooth creamy cigar smoking experience.

Construction: Imagine a tall glass of milk that has half a teaspoon of chocolate mix dropped in – this is exactly the color of the wrapper. There are some small spidery veins that cover the smooth Perdomo. The “pinch test” passed with flying colors and I wouldn’t expect anything less from this high quality premium cigar.

Draw: Cut it, punch, v-cut – use your fingernail if you want. Perdomo Reserve Champagne will deliver a perfect draw.

Burn: Perdomo Reserve Champagne Epicure becomes a little jagged during the smoking process. But for a rather large cigar – It did not do too bad. The Champagne required no touch ups, gave no concern, and allowed me to just enjoy the experience.

Taste: The Perdomo website says this is a “…a mild, smooth creamy cigar smoking experience.” and this is actually some truthful marketing. As a matter of fact that simple statement describes the entire Champagne cigar from start to finish.

If you want me to be a bit more specific I can say the Reserve delivers a light spice in the back of your throat.

After the 1/3 of the cigar the spice will fade just giving you a smooth creamy smoke and no new flavors are introduced.

The body slightly, slightly increases for the last third of the cigar. Again you just have a smooth, creamy, everyone can enjoy type of cigar with no specific flavors.


Final Verdict: Stores tend to charge $7.xx while it can be purchased online in the $6.xx range. Perdomo Reserve Champagne is a great cigar with a great value. This Champagne can be smoked by the experienced or the newbie with enjoyment and ease.  The creamy cigar is great in the morning, during golf, to start off the day, or maybe you just want to give the pallet a rest. Buy this cigar, you won’t be sorry. Plus – the Perdomo Reserve Champagne look great in the humidor.

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One Comment »

  • Gene Kelly says:

    The Perdomo Champagne line is, in my opinion, very under rated! When I’m looking for a true medium bodied smoke, it is always one that I consider! very consistant!