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Partagas Limited Reserve Decadas 1997 No. II

Submitted by Rob on September 7, 2008 – 1:02 pmNo Comment

Wrapper: Cameroon
Filler: Dominican Republic
Size: Robusto

Partagas Limited Reserve Decadas 1997 No. II is a mild bodied, limited edition, aged cigar created from very fine Cameroon wrapper leaves. The wrapper leaves are carefully grown and maintained (aged) in Spanish cedar rooms. Partagas Reserve Decadas wrappers are then individually chosen from the bails – on average only 3 of every 1,000 leaves will be used.

The finished product is beautifully marketed to correspond with the cigars interesting story. Partagas Limited Reserve Decadas ship in a light colored box. The outside of the Decadas box is stamped with a cool looking metal Partagas emblem. On the inside you will find a hand signed authenticity card that will give you the year of the cigars and other various cigar history. Two trays sit below this card with slightly cut grooves – this allows the glass tubes to sit perfectly. The glass tubes are thick and have a metal tag attached to the top stamped with the year of the cigar.

A lot has gone into creating this cigar. A lot has gone into marketing the Partagas Limited Reserve Decadas.

Construction: Partagas Reserve wrappers will slightly vary in color from year to year. This 1997 Reserve was dark enough to know you would get some flavors but not dark enough to make anyone intimidated. The wrapper of the Limited Reserve has only small slight veins. In the glass tube the cigar may appear super oily but once removed I would say this has a medium sheen. Partagas usually creates a good stick – so I was not surprised when there were no soft spots and everything felt firm.

I don’t want to be too picky from the beginning but the Limited Reserve construction did not have the quality of VSG, Opus, Oliva, or even J. Fuego.

Draw: Draw has always been perfect with the Reserve. It doesn’t matter if you use the punch or cutter.

Burn: I am going to say that this is the only thing the cigar DID NOT really do well in. From my box of Decadas I would say a lot (for a $18 +) of them tend to burn uneven. Midway through the stick is when the miss burn happens but eventually the cigar will correct on its own.

Taste: This is a Cameroon wrapper aged in a Spanish cedar room for ten years. Of course you will get the woody, somewhat spicy, and maybe I taste a bit of nut in the stick. The beginning is my favorite part of the smoke – but oddly enough this cigar isn’t “memorable“. It remains like this for most of the cigar.

The smoke is smooth, its enjoyable, but it never left me craving it like I know some cigars can do (think CG4).

Eventually the cigar tends to get more leathery and a bit more full in body as you smoke.

You will also notice you have no ash. For some reason it tends to fall off every 2 inches.

Verdict Is: You might be able to tell by the lack of information from the “Taste” section that I wasn’t too impressed with this stick. The only reason I wasn’t impressed is that it cost upwards of $18.

I can name ten sticks off the top of my head that you will enjoy more, that will make you crave a second, and make the evening perfect and all cost less.

Lets think about it: Opus X (if you buy at retail) is less than this stick.

The only reason I bought this box of cigars is because I got a good deal on it.

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