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Partagas Black Label Prontos

Submitted by David Carley on August 23, 2011 – 6:26 amNo Comment

By: David Carley

Partagas Black Label Prontos

Size: 4 1/8 x 36
Cigar Shape: Demi-Tasse
Cigar Filler: Nicaragua, Dominican Republic
Cigar Binder: Dominican Republic
Cigar Wrapper: USA/Conn.
Country of Manufacture: Dominican Republic

One question I will get from many of my friends who like to enjoy cigars from time to time is can you really get full body and big taste from a small cigar? When I they would ask me this I would think of many cigarellos which don’t really stand up to most premium cigar tastes. When you think of premium cigars you think of many different sizes but something small is not necessarily what you think of.

Recently I was given Partagas black label prontos and wow was I surprised! This is the best small cigar I have ever had. I don’t think anyone else has even come close to making a cigar with so much taste and make it so small. It was an idea that creator Ramón Cifuentes to make a full bodied cigar due to the high demand for full bodied and full flavored cigars. They really did a good job of just that, the perfect blend and flavor for these cigars.

Appearance: The wrappers on these sticks are just as it says in the name… They are black. It is one of the darkest wrapper I have seen on a cigar. There are a few veins on the wrapper but nothing too much to complain about. The surprise is that it is not a maduro, they get the color by aging the plant about 50% longer.

Flavor: At first glance some people might think that this cigar would be over powering with flavor. With the smell of the cigar you know that is not the case it has soft peppery smell. As you smoke it there are more earthy flavors and even a nice little hit of cherry. It is a very complex full of flavor cigar.

When you initially draw on this cigar you really can tell the peppery flavor it has but you will notice that there is something much more complex present. It has a great draw and a very large amount of smoke which is surprising since it is such a small cigar. By about half way I was shocked at how much the cigar has changed in flavors. I started to get flavors such as coffee and earthy flavors and slowly this hint of cherry which was strange but fit perfectly. As I started to end this great smoke I did see the down side to this cigar… It’s too small. I will definitely be investing in some of their larger sizes of the black label line.

Conclusion: This is the best smoke for someone who doesn’t have time to smoke a large cigar. If you are at work and get a lunch break free this is a cigar I would recommend for you to take along. Or if you just want to go set outside on a nice summer day and have one with some friends they are inexpensive enough that you could buy enough for all your friends. I feel for the price this is the best small cigar with big taste you can buy.

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