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Partagas Black Clasico

Submitted by Rob on December 30, 2008 – 8:59 pmNo Comment

Wrapper: Medio Tiempo Sun Grown
Filler: Nicaragua & Dominican Republic
Size: Clasico (5.2 x 54)
Strength: Medium-Full

Partagas BlackPartagas Black Clasico is a cigar that is produced by General Cigar Company. Daniel Nunez is the mastermind behind this blend and he has “…spent 10 years perfecting the Medio Tempo wrapper and the La Vega Especial binder“.

Medio Tempo wrappers, according to the General Cigar marketing machine, “are darker, heavier and richer than other wrappers because they are harvested only after they have been allowed to age on their plants 50% longer than other wrapper leaves“.

While I am not entirely sure if this is factual or strictly good advertisement: The classic Partagas Black cigars are dark, oily, and one of the best cigars you can-and-should have in your collection.

Construction: First thing you will notice of the Partagas Black cigars is the dark, dark, dark color of the wrapper.  The perfectly wrapped cigars are oily and covered with small veins that do not effect the burn. Like most General Cigars the Partagas was firm and had no soft spots.

Draw: Punch or cut the Partagas Black is going to give you a good draw.

Burn: In my box of Clasico cigars I would say that half of them burned a little jagged but gave me no problems while the other half burned perfectly. Either way the cigars burned at just the right speed.

Taste: Your first couple of puffs on the Partagas Black will deliver a slight spicy taste.  The spice is second to a earthy flavor that is easy on the pallet.  Ending the first third of the cigar introduces a sweetness that stays through the entire smoke. Ash on the cigar is peppery and solid.

The second third of the cigar is when the spicy after taste becomes more prominent. The finish is now earthy and still leaves a sweet aftertaste on the pallet. At this point the body of the Partagas is starting to creep a little more into the full range.

You reach the strongest part of the cigar at the end (like most cigars) but it is still in the medium range, the dark oily wrapper had more bark and not so much bite. The flavor profiles stay very consistent through the entire smoke. So I can only tell you that it had spice, an earthly flavor, and sweet finish.


Final Verdict: The Partagas Black is a must buy cigar. The cigar it self retails for about $6 a stick and is easy on the wallet. Thanks to the way General Cigar Company sells their products to everybody and anybody (even 7-11 carries their brands) you can find a box of Partagas Blacks online for $70. If paying $3.5 a cigar wasn’t enough incentive – most of the online retailers will even send you a hat or shirt for taking a General Brand cigar out of their inventory.

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