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Padilla Serie ’68 Corojo Robusto

Submitted by Rob on November 25, 2008 – 2:00 amOne Comment

Wrapper: Corojo
Filler: Honduran Cuban Seed
Size: Robusto (5×50)
Strength: Medium-Full

Padilla has always been a brand that I have never been quite to sure of – and please don’t get me wrong. I have always found their cigars to be more than enjoyable but the actual Padilla brand itself raises some curiosity. The whole line seems to go through a change every three or four months and it makes it hard to keep track of what’s new, what’s old, and what just has a new band or box. But it will always come down to is the cigar itself. I poured myself an ice cold beer and sat down to see how the Padilla Serie ’68 Corojo Robusto fairs up.

Construction: Padilla Serie ’68 is a beautifully made cigar. The Padilla corjo wrapper is smooth and oily with little to no veins running through the body. The smoothness and hue of the wrapper reminds me more of a Serie V by Oliva or a La Flor Dominicana Ligero. Serie ’68 is finely finished with a beautiful triple cap, a current trend for many boutique cigar companies.

Draw: Like with most of my cigars I chose to punch this Padilla with a large ring gauge punch. With the large punch I get a wide enough opening to be able to draw on the cigar and don’t have to worry about cracking the wrapper with a full cut. The draw this cigar had is exactly how I like, not too firm and not too easy. I hate smoking a cigar feeling like I am sucking through a large straw but I do like a little resistance. It gives me a little more control of the smoke.

Burn: The ash on the cigar was a little more gray and flaky than I expected after first examining the overall appearance, but you never know till you light it up. There were some burn issues during the cigar but they were all self correcting. With not having to bust out the torch once during the whole smoke I would say that it burned good.

Taste: Awww…. Taste. When it all comes down to it – this is what matters. I can blindly grab any random cigar from any humidor and tell you what it taste like. Well it tastes like a cigar, that’s the easy part. From there I could most likely tell you the wrapper, country of origin, and whether or not it sucks. To me the biggest part of a cigar is what makes it unique. I don’t care if it has a pretty band, a box with rhinestones on it, or if it cost $25 a stick. Does it taste good? The Serie ’68 is a good cigar and nothing more than that. It encompasses everything I expect to see in a Honduran corojo, little spice, chocolately undertones, and an earthy base.

Verdict: Padilla Serie ’68 Corojo is a good cigar, one I will continue to smoke. At about $5 a stick it is priced a little less than what I would expect to pay for this quality of cigar, but not by much. If you like corojo, smoke this cigar, but don’t expect to be blown away.

Other Cigars: JFR Corojo robusto is the same cigar but a few bucks cheaper. Buy the JFR if you like the Padilla – now you can save a couple extra bucks for that cold beer.

- The Critic

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One Comment »

  • 0db says:

    Another great review. I bought a 5′er of these based on the beauty of the wrapper alone…. one of the most gorgeous presentations I have ever seen. Plus I’m a corojo slut. Haven’t had one yet though, I will probably have one tomorrow. They’ve been sleeping for about 3 months. What you say about Padilla being hard to pin down is true…. new models, old models, new old models, old new models in new old bands, old bands on new models, it’s all very confusing. The original Hybrids in the trapezoidal box are GREAT smokes. The original Habanos with the ornate wrapper are great as well. I look forward to seeing how this 68 compares to your review….. they do look good enough to eat for sure. Regards, 0