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Oliva Serie V Lancero

Submitted by Rob on October 6, 2008 – 1:38 am3 Comments

Wrapper: Habano Sun Grown
Filler: Jalapa Valley Ligero
Size: Lancero
Strength: Medium-Full

Bigger is better! To keep up with my true American way of life I have to have the big things. This includes a big million dollar house, next to my big powerful red 69 Camaro, protected by my big Rottweiler, and I need to smoke a big fat cigar: Oliva V. The only problem is I do not have the house, car, dog, and well… to go with the flow I’ll ditch the big cigar too (in terms of ring gauge).

Allow me to introduce you to the Oliva V Lancero. Seven inches in length and with a ring gauge of 38 this tasty Oliva cigar brings a slightly different taste to the “V” series of cigars. The reason is simple: There is more Habano Sun Grown relative to the Jalapa Valley Ligero filler.

Construction: The wrapper is a dark brown in color with a hint of oils on the wrapper (as this should describe any full-bodied cigar).  I would say this cigar is not as firm as other Serie V in larger sizes, but at the same time this was not a “loose” cigar. It was packed just right for the size.

Draw: Many people have expressed concern when I inform them of my intentions to smoke a lancero because sometimes you may get that “dud” that just wont draw. I think this only happens on the lower quality sticks. The V has given me no problems, ever. I have complete confidence in this stick as the draw has always been perfect.

Burn: My favorite quality about the lancero, especially one constructed as well as the Oliva V, has got to be the burn factor. I always have grate luck with this cigar burning even and at just the right rate. Obviously your cigar ash will not be as large/long as the fuller sized brothers – but I don’t care.

Taste: First puffs on the Serie V brings about a nice prominent woody profile with some very enjoyable nutty tones. You will also notice that this stick packs a great spiciness that really ties everything together.

The second third of the Oliva looses much of the spice, nut, and woody profiles.  Coffee and cocoa kick in that make the middle the most enjoyable (in my opinion).  A sweeter type of spice is still in the mix with the woody/nut hints protruding every so often.  Again this happens to be my favorite part of the cigar – and lets be thankful this section is so long.

The final third of the cigar is when the body really becomes “full“. You still have the great cocoa, woody, spice – just kind of hidden.  I want to go out on a limb and say that I was getting leather flavors but I’m not sure that was the case for every cigar. Oliva V is a quality cigar that ends very well and you will have no problem nubbing the smoke all the way down.

Verdict Is: Buy this. As stated in the introduction to this cigar you have more Habano Sun Grown wrapper relative to the Jalapa Valley Ligero filler. This means that the taste is somewhat different than what you might know as the “V” taste, or cigar profile.

So give this a shot and see where it fits with you. You may think it has that same V taste or maybe you will side with me and think of it as a whole new cigar that has its appropriate time to smoke. EITHER WAY: you are going to love this cigar – just get over the “ring gauge” issue . I took the liberty of going down to my local B&M and picking up a whole box to age (just to see how the cigars change).

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  • 0db says:

    DAMN fine cigar. No ring gauge issues here, I am a petit corona / corona / lancero stalwart. IMO you get a more balanced cross section of taste (more inclusive of the wrapper and binder) with the smaller ring gauges. I have hundreds of the Pepin Black Perla 1952 that I could not live without. Same goes for the Davidoff Demi-Tasse; WOW what taste! Small ring gauges for the win! ;)

  • 0db says:

    Oops, forgot my next favorite size, the lonsdale! The American lust for all things large has limited my beloved lonsdales, but with good reviews like this, the small ring gauges seem to be on the march back; that’s a good thing. I see more and more reviewers indulging in the small ring gauges, and it is with good reason IMO.