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Oliva Serie G Maduro

Submitted by Rob on June 4, 2008 – 10:16 pm11 Comments

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Filler: Nicaraguan Habano Sun-Grown
Size: Torpedo
Strength: Medium

The Oliva Serie G Maduro is a world class cigar that has a pricing point anyone can afford. I do not have much of an introduction to this amazing cigar. Read the review and follow my advice at the end.

Construction: Dark, oily, and looks like silk. Oliva G has got to have one of the best wrappers for the price of this cigar. I happened to smoke the torpedo during the photo session (actually remembered my phone) but every cigar in the line feels and looks absolutely wonderful. The lines on the wrapper were clean and the maduro cigar felt firm, but not too tight. There were no wrapper issues during smoking.

Draw: By the feel of the cigar I thought the G would have a slightly rough draw. I was wrong. Sorry for the doubt Oliva; this produced a perfect draw.

Burn: Perfectly even throughout the entire cigar, nice white ash that stays on, and it didn’t get too hot. Can I say anything else?

Taste: Oliva G Maduro gives you the full maduro taste without being overpowering, even for people who are not used to smoking maduros. From start to finish the G is just super creamy and leaves your pallet wanting more. Throughout the smoke you get a hint of coffee and dark chocolate. The spice from the Nicaraguan filler was introduced in the beginning of the cigar but seemed to fade out as I continued to smoke. Around the mid point of the cigar I would say the G really graduates to the big boy club. Everything that I thought was fantastic – turned GREAT.

Verdict Is: GET THIS CIGAR NOW. Add some to your humidor if you don’t have any already. This is the kind of cigar that you purchase by the box. If you must try it out first, which is understandable, you will also notice that this stick retails for about $4.00.

Again, if you are new to cigars, new to maduros, or afraid to try it because of the wrapper – don’t be. This is a great cigar that everyone will love.

Other Cigars:
Higher Priced: Casa Fuente by Arturo Fuente
Same Price: I would also consider the JFR Maduro by Tabacalera Tropical.
Lower Priced: Yet to be discovered.

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  • James says:

    I am a huge fan of the G. It is a wonderful smoke.

  • oliva cigars says:

    [...] has a pricing point anyone can afford. I do not have much of an introduction to this amazing cighttp://puffingcigars.com/cigars/oliva-serie-g-maduro/49/V For Vigoroso: The Oliva Serie V Ligero Especial ReviewThe oliva Serie V Ligero Especial cigar [...]

  • [...] has a pricing point anyone can afford. I do not have much of an introduction to this amazing cighttp://puffingcigars.com/cigars/oliva-serie-g-maduro/49/Welcome to Cigar FamilyProducers of the popular arturo fuente line as well as [...]

  • Robert says:

    I totally agree with this review, the G is a really nice cigar, and I find the box pressed profile pleasing.

    I’d also like to mention, when smoking this cigar I got a hint of vanilla, along with the spice of the filler and overall the flavour is very complex.

    I’m having another one of these on Saturday.

    Good Review by the way.

  • [...] I would like to say that if I had $4 to spend on a personal cigar this would not be it. I would prefer the JFR Maduro or even the Oliva G. [...]

  • Rico says:

    I purchased an Oliva Robusto when visiting my dad in Yuma a couple weeks ago. I was just collecting a few interesting cigars to try. I lit it up recently with a cigar friend of mine. Wow, what a find! This is definitely a high value smoke. I’ll be buying that box as a Christmas present to myself! Good Review.

  • Cigar Boss says:


    Thanks for your input and I hope you enjoy that box of cigars for x-mas.

    Where did you get the cigars at? MD?

    - Cigar Boss

  • 0db says:

    IMO, the Serie G and Sancho Panza double maduro have the highest ROI of any cigar. Another great review.

  • Lars says:

    Wholeheartedly agree with this review. I had a heavenly cigar session the other day with Star Trek, good coffee, and an Oliva G Maduro, and it was extraordinarily delightful. One of my absolute favorites.

  • RogerDandy says:

    I hate to be a nay sayer but I didn’t have much luck with this cigar. I found it to have an uneven burn and be powerful in a nasty way with very little flavour. I doubt I’ll try them again but each to their own. I have had a lot of luck with other Oliva Cigars ( nub and serie O and V) so I’m not a hater of Oliva just these maduroes. I find Fuente to produce a much more satisfying maduro ( 8-5-8 ) but then the price point is definitly a factor.

  • KingPuffer says:

    I owe my newly kindled interest in the cigar world to the Serie G.