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Nub Habano 466

Submitted by Rob on June 11, 2008 – 11:06 am3 Comments

Wrapper: Habano
Filler: Nicaragua
Size: Nub 466 (4 x 66)
Strength: Medium to Full

The Nub Habano review is finally here. The Nub cigar is a product of Sam Leccia in conjunction with Oliva Cigars. Nub was created with this theory in mind: Cigars have a sweet spot of flavor between 3.5-4 inches. Nub cigars are no longer than 4 inches so that the smoker starts at the sweet spot and ends at the sweet spot.

Frankly, I was quite skeptical of purchasing this stogie because I felt like I was purchasing half a cigar at full cigar prices. I bit my lip, walked into my local shop Stogie Cutter, pulled out my wallet, and purchased a couple of the Nub Habano 466.

Construction: The Nub Habano has a beautiful colored wrapper. The shade told me it had power, but nothing I should be afraid of. The wrapper did not have an oily sheen. Dense with tobacco the Nub was very firm and well constructed.

Draw:I was afraid the Nub would have a difficult draw due to the dense large ring gauge. I decided to punch the cigar – from light to finish the draw was perfect.

Burn: Nub produced an even burn throughout, something you come to expect with Oliva products. The ash was thick and did not fall off.

Taste: The initial puff of the Nub gave me a plethora flavors, but the most prevalent was the spice. I was also picking up some wood flavors, just enough to compliment the spice. The only downfall is that the great spice flavor of the nub dies down too quickly for me (maybe I’m just greedy?)

About 2/3 of the way in on this smoke the spice takes a back seat to what I think are some more leathery flavors. The body is also getting a little heavier; I’m not sure if its truly the flavor or the short stick getting a bit too hot.

The rest of the cigar was a joy as the spiciness picked up again. In my personal opinion, the cigar now, and perhaps even in the 2/3 area, produced a sweet taste to assist the spice.

Let me mention this now: My first Nub tasted a bit different then the second Nub. The reason? Because I realized that with such a short cigar you have to smoke this with pace or it gets super hot – really quick.

Verdict Is: I like the Nub Habano 466. From start to finish I enjoyed the taste and this cigar will be added to my collection. Another factor to wanting to add this to the smoke collection is the size of the Nub – IT’S UNIQUE. Why not have such a unique cigar in your humidor? I feel like this is a good tasting, in fact the beginning is great, it burns great, takes an hour to smoke, and its a conversation piece. At least go out and try one of these, you will not go broke at $6.

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  • Nice blog, looks clean & professional. Just one thing – I can’t see the timestamp of the post anywhere, is this normal?

  • Cigar Critic says:

    Cigar Inspector: You are correct – I did not list any of the timestamps on the blog.

    It was just a personal preference of mine when I went through the output of the blog. I think it makes it look a little bit more clean.

  • Mr.Mesa says:

    Good smoke that starts and finishes well. Nice draw well balanced
    for the size. Perfect smoke if you like hint of spice with hints of
    leather lingering in the finish. Smokes like a Arturo Fuentes chateau
    with a little more body.