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Nestor Miranda Special Selection Lancero

Submitted by Rob on March 4, 2009 – 10:57 am7 Comments

Wrapper: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Size: Lancero (7.5 x 40)
Strength: Medium-Full

nestor-mirandaNestor Miranda has recreated his Special Selection line of cigars with the help of Don Pepin. With the Don Pepin name behind the blend I was expecting to smoke a strong black pepper (I’m being a little extreme) but was quite surprised to find a complex cigar with a wide range of flavors.

The Nestor Miranda Special Selection line of cigars was said to be Miranda’s “personal” line. Or as it was explained, the cigar he would give out to family and friends.

With these two cigar giants at work together a great cigar was defiantly born.

Random Fact before the cigar review: The lancero cigar size is a very tricky cigar for rollers because it is so thin. If the cigar company doesn’t have high quality, super skilled, rollers the tobacco will end up being twisted (with the small rolling motion). Twisted tobacco is what gives your cigar a “plug“.  This is why you will sometimes hear moan and groans when it comes to someone buying the lancero size. So just make sure you get a lancero from a company with a good reputation.

Construction: The first thing I noticed was that you could clearly see where the leaves of tobacco had been rolled over.Your eyes will then focus on the veins  that run through the oily long stick. In my opinion the lancero looked really rough and tough. Nestor Miranda’s lancero passed the pinch test with flying colors.

Draw: Let me just come out and say that I have never had any plugs or draw issues with this lancero (knock on wood). Each effortless puff produced clouds of thick smoke that coated the pallet.

Burn: Nestor Miranda Special Selection Lancero had a slightly uneven burn. It never required me to touch up, pay attention, or even worry about the burn – but it was slightly uneven. The ash fell off every 1-1.5 inches in single thick chunks.

Taste: I think this is a complex lancero that gives my pallet a challenge when trying to distinguish what flavor profiles are becoming more dominate.

Generally speaking the first third of the cigar starts out very smooth and sweet. The sweetness is very prominent and a nice oak  flavor pairs just as strong. I detect some undertones of leather and spice.

Body increases as you hit the 2/3 portion of the cigar and the sweet taste almost completely faded out of the picture. The taste profiles change as the draw opens up more and the smoke gets thicker. Oak is still a primary flavor but again, equally as strong, the leather comes into play and it takes turn playing with your pallet. The finish is a nice creamy spice. Nestor Miranda Special Selection cigar really put a smile on my face at this point.

In ending the cigar I have to mention that the aroma has really been pleasant through all the smoke sessions. The sweetness still lingers and compliments the oak, leather, and creamy spice all too well. Of course, the body has slightly increased to keep the cigar interesting.

* I would also like to note that I get a lot of earthy and coffee flavors that would fade in and out at different points in the cigar. It sure made this very interesting and fun to smoke.


Final Verdict: Purchase this cigar! At the retail level this cigar is just under $7.00. However, online I was able to buy the Nestor Miranda cigar for about $3.xx a stick. Not only is the price perfect, the blend is fabulous, and well… you can obtain this amazing smoke for just $3. Seriously, price aside, I really love everything about Nestor Miranda lancero and I know, if you can get over the size – you will love this cigar too.

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Other Cigars: The only other lancero I have reviewed is the Oliva V. While the Oliva V makes a pretty darn good lancero – the Nestor Miranda Special Selection Lancero is much better.

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