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Macanudo 1968 PRE-review

Submitted by Rob on July 27, 2008 – 1:03 am8 Comments

Entering a new market segment; Macanudo introduces a bold maduro cigar called the Macanudo 1968. According to the cigars website this is:

…a bold new taste that perfectly balances the cigar’s fullere-bodied tobaccos…


This bold expression of Macanudo boasts a depth and complexity that will resonate with today’s seasoned cigar smokers.

I have had the luxury of smoking just a handful of these sticks and I must admit: They were right.

This is a great cigar that does sit well with many seasoned cigar smokers. The Macanudo 1968 might be just the best new cigar to be released at the Las Vegas convention.

Quick Smoke: This cigar smells like chocolate melting in coffee. At first I thought this was going to be the overwhelming taste and I would be unhappy with yet another Macanudo product. Much to my surprise this was actually more of a spicy smoke that only hinted at the coffee and chocolate.  This stick is just loaded with flavors. I also have to mention that this stick IS NOT full bodied; 1968 is a medium smoke.

My Advice To You: Smoke One.

The Macanudo 1968 wrapper leaf is Honduras; while the filler is a mixture of Dominican and Nicaraguan.

Expect the new Macanudo 1968 in your local cigar shops this August or early October. Arriving in boxes of 20 the sticks will range in price from (approximately) $8.50 – $11.00. This will also be a contracted cigar- meaning it can not be sold online or in catalogs.

That being said: Macanudo 1968 online, at, is giving everyone the opportunity to order 3 sticks, mailed to your house, for a total of $10.00. Jump on this deal.

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  • mr wong says:

    i bought the sampler from general cigar. this cigar is so pretty i find myself going back to the humi and fondling them. but i did smoke the robusto and let me tell you this is not your daddy’s macanudo!!! one of the most well rounded cigars i ever smoked. my palate was alight with choc. cream inside a puff pastry. wow! burned flawlessly and it is indeed a medium smoke. it was rolled superbly tight evenly which made for an easy draw. all i can say is i’m in love! they gave me a kiss and i wanted more, alas only on per household. any friends addresses available?

  • Danille says:

    Very Nice Site! Thanx!

  • Scott says:

    I would like to agree with you! well rounded cigar.I think it is the best Macanudo has came out with by far. It has a wondeful appearance. I would have to say that every cigar smoker should have one in there humidor. What an amazing cigar!

  • Earl says:

    well made cigar, best smoke of the month thus far.

  • Cigars says:

    They are sold online. You can google and find them.

  • Sherry says:

    I enjoyed the Macanudo 1986! I’ve never been a fan of this brand, however due to a strong recommendation I gave this one a try. I found it to look exceptional and the 1st one was “great”, however the 2nd one wasn’t as good. In fact it had some draw issues and even after cutting it back further it wasn’t any better. Considering that I smoke cigars to relax working with draw isn’t my idea of relaxing. I have several more so I’m hopeful that those will be like my 1st one ; )

  • Cigar Boss says:

    I wish you better luck with the next few sticks.

  • Sherry says:

    Thank you! Perhaps your well wishes sent luck my way because I smoked another Macanudo 1968 last evening & it was better than the bad one I had. On another note, check this out I was traveling to Indiana today and was running behind and had too much stuff in my luggage so I had to carry my travel humidor in my hand (it had a handle). While I thought I was being mindful of it I became side tracked by the person checking me in at the airport & when I got to security I realized I left it at the counter! I had 25 minutes to get to the gate. I quickly thought about saying forget it & head on through security but the thought of losing my cool silver hard case humidor with 12 Macanudo 1968’s and 4 Illusione 888’s w/out at least going back to look was unbearable well I went back only to be told that they didn’t see it which is odd because no one was approaching that area as I walked off. So I thought about it for a few minutes then I said it’s beyond my control & they’re gone! Well I just knew by this time after x-mas dinner I would be enjoying a cigar but that’s not feasible! I will go to a local smoke shop tomorrow. I have my fingers crossed that they will have something I like…after todays experience I’m in the mood for one of my favorites a few Don Pepin Garcia JJ Maduro’s “I don’t think I will buy a few Macanudo 1968′s but it won’t 12! Thanks for allowing me to vent regarding my loss because nobody here understands! :(