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L’esprit de Verite Vintage 2008

Submitted by Rob on September 20, 2010 – 5:58 pmOne Comment

The year 2010 will always hold a special place in my heart because I have now been officially inducted into the puffingcigars.com team of cigar reviewers, lounge hoppers and all around cool group of cigar people. So for this special occasion I decided to splurge for my first review and pick up a stogie that is also special for this year – L’esprit de Verite Vintage 2008 5×50 Robusto.

Now I know since I haven’t given any information on this stick people are going to assume I’m somewhat of an idiot because the title and the plain-jane band read 2008. But in reality that information is just in reference to the crop year and creation date of this limited edition, only 20,000 rolled, cigar by Tatuaje. I’m not going to get into the fancy details about why he did this project or what he was trying to mimic (wine) but the official release date was in 2010.

This stogie runs about $20 in a B&M shop and Tatuaje required the retailer to purchase an amount that isn’t too easy on the pocket books. That means not too many retailers picked it up even if they could. Lucky for me one of my local hang outs is Big Sticks Fine Cigars in Mesa, Arizona and they carry just about every cigar on the market.

I have to be honest and let everyone know upfront that I don’t know if this cigar is really that amazing or if I think it’s amazing because it happens to be my celebration cigar. But who really cares right? I mean it’s the smoking experience and our mood that makes a cigar great or not so good. You just might read this cigar review to make sure $20 isn’t going down the drain and regardless of what I say you will make your own opinions anyways.

But smoking this cigar is creating a smile across my face. It is very different when compared to all of the other Pepin stuff on the shelves because it’s not as strong. L’esprit de Verite Vintage 2008 is firmly a medium body cigar with just a little hint of spice as the smoke trails into your nose from your puff. The only other thing I really care about happens to be the draw because I work 8 long hours a day with my hands I don’t want to sit down and smoke a cigar that requires more work. And the L’esprit de Verite Vintage 2008 is a stick that doesn’t require any extra attention and I can see myself smoking this any time of the day.

So if you’re willing to part with the $20 it takes to enjoy this beauty I don’t think anyone will be disappointed. If you happen to be an Arizona smoker you can pick this up at Big Sticks.

And this will conclude my first post and instruction on puffingcigars.com. You still might be confused about what this cigar “taste” likes but to me in one way or another they all taste like tobacco. I decided to use this to give all the readers out there a little more information about me and my thought process. Stay tuned for the next postings and I look forward to interacting with all the visitors of the site.

My name is Walt and I’m just your average hard working cigar smoker enjoying life one puff at a time.

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