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La Flor Dominicana Limitado III

Submitted by Rob on August 2, 2008 – 7:26 pm2 Comments

Wrapper: Ecuador Sumatra
Filler: Dominican Republic
Size: Toro (6.5 x 52)
Strength: Full

La Flor Dominicana Limitado III, also known as the Limitado III, is the creation of Litto Gomez. The cigar is named “Limitado” or Limited due to the release of only 2,000 boxes. Interestingly enough the tobacco is grown on Litto Gomez’s personal farm.

Construction: As soon as you pick up the La Flor Dominicana Limitado III you realize you are in for one long smoke. I might even go out on a limb and say this cigar could be intimidating to some. The Limitado III is a very beautiful dark stick. The wrapper has lots of veins; I thought it seemed a little too veiny for a cigar in this price range, or a cigar with a “Limited” title.

Litto’s Limitado has absolutely no soft spots in the cigar. Everything was nice and firm, but not too hard.

Draw: I would suggest punching the La Flor Dominicana Limitado III cigar. Learning this after smoking my first Limitado III due to its SUPER EASY draw. As you notice the pictures below (2nd picture) this post you can see the smoke pouring out of the punch and the lit portion of the cigar.

Burn: LFD Limitado III burned fairly well and even. Drawing very easily meant the burn was also a bit quick. I did not think this was much of an issue because the cigar is large in size.

Ash was firm and stayed on the cigar until I was for it to be removed. For the $9 price range I would have expected the ash to be more firm and more white in color. This ash was “peppery“.

Taste: Allow me to divide this section in thirds:

This is a full bodied cigar from start to finish. Initially you will be hit by a lovely taste of pepper that transforms into a nutty / coffee type of smoke.

The second third of the Limitado only now leaves a hint of spice. The overpowering flavors become that nuttiness / coffee taste. There seems to be another taste in there that I cant put my finger on. It’s some kind of wood-ish finish.

Transitioning over from that “wood-ish” finish I was getting at before, I now get a nice cedar smoke. Finishing this third of the cigar there is something else on my pallet that again I can not pinpoint. Something sweet, something interesting.

Verdict Is: La Flor Dominicana Limitado III was an interesting smoke. The cigar was a very full bodied smoke. But to be perfectly honest I think my description ends right there. This wasn’t very unique, and it was not the best smoke I have had in this price range (or even lower price ranges).

If you love full bodied cigars give it a shot (it’s a $9 stick), but there is no need to buy the box (I don’t care how many were made).

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  • Jake McDonald says:

    I think you are right on with this cigar. It’s not a bad cigar, BUT for just a buck or two more you can get the VSG. Go down a buck or two and get tastier cigars.

    Good review.

  • 0db says:

    I too feel that LFD has gotten a bit ahead of themselves with pricing. The prices took a significant uptick with their success of the chisels, double ligero and similar blends. Good products, but more joy can be had for less money. That’s not to say it’s not worth mixing it up with LFD from time to time. I still want to try one of the Factory Press’ though.