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La Aurora Serie 107: La Aurora’s Magnum Opus

Submitted by Oliver on June 21, 2010 – 4:00 amOne Comment

There have been many sticks that have been lauded and praised by us, but this is one to rave about.  Now the disclaimer to this article is that I received a bundle of these from La Aurora personally when I was on a media junket to the Dominican Republic to visit and explore La Aurora’s operations. They were a fantastic bunch of individuals from the president of the company down to the rollers!  Needless to say, we here at Puffing Cigars prize ourselves on being outspoken and saying how it is even if it hurts feelings.  If this stick was horrible or poor we would report that as well, but to the contrary this stick is quite the opposite and was a delightful smoke from initial light to the last satisfying exhale!

Construction: The La Aurora Serie 107 comes in three sizes at the moment, a robusto, toro, and belicoso.  I have smoked both the toro and belicoso sizes, as well as the upcoming lancero and they all have the same consistency when they come to the flavor profile.  Looking at the cigar you will notice that it has a smooth sun grown Ecuadorian wrapper with minimal veins.  The cigar body is firm to the touch and reveals no spongy spots.  As for the binder and filler they are a composite of Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos that have been aging for six years.

Draw: The draw was effortless and smooth.  As Goldilocks ventured to find the porridge that was just right, cigar connoisseurs can often come across draws that are too firm or too soft; the perfect balance is a draw that is effortless, but supplies enough resistance to allow the smoker to know that the smoke is moving through the tobacco channels.  And indeed voluminous amounts of aromatic grey smoke come billowing out of the cigar and mouth.

Burn: The burn of the La Aurora 107 is consistent and even.  Of the numerous 107′s I have smoked, I have not once had an uneven burn.  Another element that I like to check when smoking the cigar is the burn line itself.  A burn line is like a ring on a tree trunk, it denotes age.  The wider the burn line, the younger the tobacco; the older the cigar, the thinner the burn line.  The La Aurora serie 107 has a thin consistent line that fact checks the aging of the cigar.

Flavor: The initial aroma before light is that of sweet hay, and upon first light of the cigar it starts of with an initial spice and leather note.  I would say that throughout the first part of the cigar the leather flavor is consistent and reminiscent of the fine leather products that many of men have come to appreciate in life; whether it be fine shoes or the supple touch of contoured leather seats in their automobiles, men tend to associate that fine olfactory smell of leather with the better things in life.  As the cigar continues its journey the flavor profile changes to some sweeter floral notes which remind one of walking through a fresh botanical garden.  The final quarter of the cigar takes one back to the big finish of leather notes that heralded the pleasant aromas of the initial light.

Overall Opinion: From start to finish the La Aurora serie 107 is an absolute treat.  From artisan construction to a clean burn, and an ultra smooth draw, this cigar defines what all cigars should be about.  The taste is complex and savory throughout, and has caused a few of my friends to super-nub the cigar by poking a tooth pick at the end to continue smoking it, when it got past being held by the fingers.  I have taken the time to share this stick with many of my friends and local B&M patrons, and they all concur that this stick is one phenomenal smoke!  So if you are looking for a cigar that represents the apogee of what a cigar can be, then look no further than the 107 by La Aurora!

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