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Kauai Island Prince

Submitted by Jay Z on July 16, 2010 – 5:00 am8 Comments

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano
Filler: Hawaiian Sun Grown
Size: Momona (5 3/4×50)
Strength: Medium-Full

When most of us hear of a cigar that is coming out of Hawaii we all immediately think of one word – gimmick. But this time a company called Kauai Cigar Company is producing a “real” premium cigar with tobacco grown in Kapaa, HI. Even though I was still a bit skeptical of the cigar, I knew I had to give this a chance and see exactly what was being offered to the cigar community.

It’s amazing how closely you will analyze something that is foreign and new just looking for that one inconsistency so you can run to all your friends and say ‘I TOLD YOU it was a gimmick”. But alas I wasn’t able to do this around my group of friends. The Construction on the cigar was absolutely perfect in every way. The wrapper was very dark with a slight tint of red and the tobacco was stuffed enough to just allow little resistance during the pinch test. A couple of medium sized veins decorated the toothy wrapper but nothing out of the ordinary from a raw natural product.

Any time a cigar passes the pinch test I automatically go for a punch on the top of the cigar. The cold draw had a bit of a resistance to it that had me a bit worried. But once the flame hit the foot and an even light was created – my dry draw was a thing of the past. The resistance is perfectly in the middle and a good amount of unique tasting, and creamy, smoke will coat your palate.

On the first few puffs of the Momona I was taken back by a very unique and interesting earthly flavor that I have never experienced in any other cigar. It actually had me puffing continually so I could try and pinpoint what I was tasting. The smoke being generated, as stated earlier, is creamy and will leave that particular earthy taste with just a lingering of tart.

During the middle segment of my Island Prince “Dark” cigar I would have to note that the unique earthy flavor has subdued into a more typical earthy taste. The body has started to increase into the full range while the smoke and creaminess has increased. Yet for some reason there is something I still can’t put my finger on that makes the overall smoking experience very different from the other cigars I have ever tried.

As I start to wrap things up on the Dark Momona from Kauai Cigar Company I have noticed the body increases again into the full range. Your earthy flavor is now being complimented with a hint of something I can only describe as “toasty” with a hint of spice. The smoke is no longer creamy but turned into something very smooth and enjoyable. However the transition on the Island Prince is very welcomed as it is keeping my palate on its toes and making me anxious to smoke another.

Pick up a sampler of this cigar and give it a shot for yourself. It would be a great addition to any humidor, especially a smoker that likes to step outside of their comfort box. This is a real quality cigar coming out of Hawaii, not another gimmick, that I can totally see some people falling in love with. At this current time you might find it difficult to find a retailer who carries this cigar due to the limited production and high taxes coming out of Hawaii. On average the Dark Momona from Kauai Cigar Company will set you back about $10 a smoke.

If you are located in Arizona you can pick up this unique smoke at Big Sticks Fine Cigars in Mesa, Arizona. They are the ones who were willing to suggest something to help me expand my palate and interest in cigars that are created outside of the “normal” regions.

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  • Nice write up! I’ll be on the look out for these now.

  • Bob says:

    I have always liked this cigar. Great smoke with just the right amount of spice. Go by and get yours at Big Sticks Fine Cigars in Mesa Arizona or Blew Smoke Premium Cigars in Gilbert Arizona.

    “Enjoy a Fresh Cigar” Bob.


    • Steve Saltzman says:

      Where do I get the “Kauai Island Prince” cigar to try.
      I live in Los Angeles, CA (of course, the over taxed state).
      Long Ashes Too You !!

  • Robert says:

    I really enjoyed the couple of these that I had. They were mild-medium in body, but flavorful. Maybe it’s just the Hawaii association, but I could swear I tasted a sweet, creamy, mild, macadamia-like nuttiness (as opposed to the usual stronger nutty flavors I get from many cigars). Whatever it was, it was a unique flavor and very enjoyable.

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  • JoshK says:

    I picked up a couple of both the Light and Dark varieties of the Island Prince when on vacation a while back. I have to say that prices vary widely depending on what kind of tourist trap you are in.

    I completely agree with you that it is a real cigar, and their is a flavor component I labeled Hawaiian tang throughout. Some of my samples seemed a little spongy but they burned and drew well. I prefered the Dark line as the flavor was more original and the light tested to be a bit bitter.

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  • Seth says:

    The best way to describe it: It’s like smoking the beach in a cigar.