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Jucy Lucy

Submitted by Rob on June 1, 2009 – 4:50 am3 Comments

Wrapper: Cameroon
Filler: Nicaragua Base (Blended)
Size: Jucy Lucy(3 x 38)
Strength: Medium

Construction: Jucy Lucy has a nice Cameroon wrapper with really fine veins. As far as flavored cigars go Drew Estate creates the best of the best. Jucy Lucy, the Natural Line, or anything Drew Estate produces will go through the same process as the “regular” cigar creators.

Draw: Jucy Lucy has a perfect draw. The end of the Drew Estate cigar is too small to punch.

Burn: For the whopping 3 inches of the Jucy Lucy the burn was perfect. The Jucy Lucy actually had a nice ash that stayed on the cigar, something you will not see with any other non-traditional smokes. It is also important to note that this small cigar did not get hot during the smoking process.

Taste: The Jucy Lucy cigar is small and flavored – this means you will have a general overall taste and very minimal complexities. However the fact that the Jucy Lucy has any complexities at all is impressive.

You will start the Jucy Lucy with the pre-light. There is a sugary, sweetened, flavor tip that will automatically get you interested in smoking this little stogie.

After lighting the Jucy Lucy you will still have a sweetness and a great chocolate flavor. These two flavors come through with the same intensity and becomes a “sweet chocolate” (just like Cocoa Puffs).

The midpoint of the Jucy Lucy is when the sweetness starts to fade and you can get a sense of the tobacco that is being used. However the chocolate flavor still resides but you will also get a sense of some coffee, perhaps some leather, and a bit of spice in the smooth smoke.

Like most flavored cigars, and cigars of this size, the Jucy Lucy has a slightly bitter finish.

Final Verdict: Jucy Lucy has a $3.5x-4.0x price range at the local B&M. Online the Jucy Lucy can be found for as little as $2.75 a stick or about $110.00 for a box of 40. The price point alone is a great reason to buy this cigar. Even if you don’t smoke flavored cigars you will find yourself handing these out to the friends so they can sit and smoke with you. Jucy Lucy cigars are quick to smoke, easy on the wallet, and as you can see from the video: It helps you bring in the smoking cool girls. So the real question is – How many boxes of the Natural Jucy Lucy will you be ordering?


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  • Hank says:

    Great review, My girlfriend loves these cigars!

  • Don says:

    Thanks for the review. I’ve never had a flavored cigar but this make me want to try one. Also thanks for the great cigars from the trivia contest.

  • Bill says:

    I like the acid cigars by Drew Estate. They never disappointed me and their price is not too high. I prefer the acid kuba kuba the most.