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J. Fuego Delirium

Submitted by Rob on August 24, 2008 – 11:31 pm2 Comments

Wrapper: Brazilian Maduro
Filler: Honduran and Nicaraguan Corojo
Size: Robusto

J. Fuego’s Delirium review was I was greatly anticipating due to my love of the Natural and the Gran Reserva Corojo. When hearing about the education and research (this will be another article later) that J. Fuego has gone you can only expect great cigars. Another great quality about the Jesus Fuego Delirium cigar is the wrapper. It happens to be the “youngest” component with 5 years of aging.

Construction: The maduro cigar has the typical looking maduro wrapper sitting right in the middle of the “color scale”. Veins will consist of one or two that will run the length of the cigar (or just about) and you can just see a hint of the oils on the wrapper. Overall I would say this is a “no thrills” looking stick that you might walk by in the humidor. J. Fuego Delirium is a cigar that’s packed with great smelling tobacco making the cigar firm and impossible to unravel while smoking.

Draw: The pictures I have posted show the Delirium cut: the draw is perfect. When I punch this cigar: the draw is perfect.

Burn: From the construction and the draw descriptions would you expect the burn to be anything else but … perfect? The ash stays on just as well, if not better, than any other expensive “premium” cigar.

Taste: J. Fuego’s Delirium was bursting with coca flavors from the get go – this stick is a piece of cigar heaven. The first part of this cigar also brought great sweetness and maybe a mild hint of leather to the pallet.

As you continue to smoke the Delirium the cocoa flavors seem to take back seat to a woodsy, not so sweet flavor (this pushes the cigar in a medium-full category). The smoke became even creamier. The flavors worked well together because it was a smooth transition.

Now as you are finishing the cigar it will have a bitter coco taste, but still a good finish (keep in mind most cigars will get this way). I nubbed it.

Verdict Is: You need to buy this cigar. Delirium is a cigar anyone can, and will, enjoy. The price point of this stick sits around $8.50 if you buy them individually. What does that mean to you? – Just buy a box and get a discount.

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