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J. Fuego Origen Originals

Submitted by Rob on April 15, 2010 – 3:00 am6 Comments

Filler: Nicaragua
Size: Originals (5×44)
Strength: Medium-Full

A few months ago I had the opportunity to sit down with Mr. Jesus Fuego over a bottle of wine and discuss anything and everything that was on our mind – just two friends relaxing after a long day of work. Of course our conversations eventually lead to cigars and what Jesus was planning for the next few releases. And with passion, as anyone who has talked to Fuego knows there is no other way, started telling me about the newest size in the Origin line (this cigar is now released) called the “Originals”.

Jesus explained that the Originals cigar was based on a technique that he, his father, grandfather and everyone else in his family has used since they were in (and even before) the tobacco business.  When it was time to test a blend or leaf or any new component they would grab a raw natural leaf and place tobacco in the middle, as this is the only area of the leaf that would actually hold tobacco, and roll it up.  It would create a smoke that was fat in the middle and very thin on both ends. After pinching off the excess ends they would then smoke and evaluate the combination before sending it off to the rollers for the initial test run. Jesus explained it created quite the “ugly little stick” but it got the job done.

Now fast-forward to the end of 2009 and Mr. Fuego has just gotten back from a trip to the farm.  Unable to sleep due to the jet-lag he called up a friend in the cigar industry to have breakfast.  Forgetting to bring any cigars with him Jesus, being the kind gracious host that he is, was embarrassed he didn’t have a smoke to offer his friend.  However he remembered that he still had some of his Origin “ugly sticks” in his shirt pocket he had rolled to test the consistency of his tobacco from previous releases. Hesitantly pulling it out Mr. Fuego apologized for not being prepared and offered it away.

Upon smoking this oddly shaped, smaller, yet very tasty cigar his friend posed the ultimate question of why Fuego just didn’t release this stick as the next size in the Origin line. After all in his mind he thought this was just an absolutely amazing creation (you will find out why once you smoke these) and people would actually enjoy smoking a sort-of raw, undoctored cigar.

Perhaps this is an appropriate time to say “and the rest was history”.

From the Origen Originals Package:
Our secret revealed. Its shape, draw and unique way of rolling it have made this Vitola my family’s first and favorite tool when evaluating all our tobaccos and blends since 1876. A truly Original smoking experience. Enjoy. Jesus Fuego.

Construction: These Origen Originals are the “ugly little sticks” – what am I really supposed to say about the construction aspect? They are in-fact ugly little sticks. The wrapper is rough, veins can be seen and it’s not very pretty to look at.

Draw: These cigars already come with a cut end. Actually the only way you can tell the difference between the foot and the head is by a faint little cap line that still resides on the top. Regardless of which way you smoke it (as I am sure someone will smoke the wrong end) you will get the standard J. Fuego perfect draw that create mountains of perfect smoke.

Burn: Are you still seeking perfection from these handy little cigars that are supposed to be rough and raw? Admittingly so was I and the Originals have no problem delivering. You will get a great burn with a very thick peppery ash that only falls off once tapped.

Taste: I don’t want to dwell too much on the flavor of this great stick as this is an experience every smoker should try on their own. However I will mention that this mini cigar is the exact same blend found in the other Origen sizes.

Like the other sizes you will find a good amount of earthy spice, toasty notes and really enjoyable straight forward tobacco. It is very consistent from start to finish and I can guarantee you will light up a second the moment you are done with the first.

Final Verdict: Only a few select retailers (rumored to be around 100) will receive these 5 packs that should sell in the $12.xx price rage. The size of the Originals are perfect for any moment, the flavor is amazing, the price point should just jump out of you – and in other words if you can find these at your local retailer pick up at least 2 packs.

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  • I agree with your review 100%. These are SHOCKINGLY tasty smokes. Shockingly because at that price you don’t really expect much. The rustic look didn’t bother me; I have had a lot of rough looking Cuban farm cigars that were great, and even RyJ Cazadores are a rough looking smoke. i think Fuego may have a HIT on his hands! Very nice pepper and spice complex with very nice strength as well.

  • kumar says:

    Had to order a sled of these. Great price an smoke is wonderful, an not a short smoke. This is a keeper an one that will sit in the humidor as a rare hidden treasure; as for smoking, smoke from any end is A ok.

  • Sticks says:

    These sticks look great and I will have to find these in a local B& M store.

  • Don Balderas says:

    I purchased these smokes at a local shop. The package is earth friendly. Carefully opening the wrapper, I discovered five close to perfecto cigars. Ugly, no far from it. It’s a very nice rugged natural wrapper. I lit the bigger end and a explosion of flavor set it off as a beginning of a great smoke. After a few puffs I soon then admired my purchase of three packs. Then I tom a sip of my very strong express. They really go well together, I was in a earthy paradise. Well I still had to keep my mind on the road. About midway through it burnt a bit crooked then straightened out. Burning about three quarters of the way you could get the hint of the cedar it was most likely stored in. The only bad thing about the the one hour smoke, even the best things come to a end… Hopefully they shall keep making this delectable package of smokes.

  • Stu Gotz says:

    I was fortunate enough to have one of those 100 retailers local to me, and after having tried an Origen Toro, snatched a pack of these on sight out of curiousity.
    I have to agree with everything said in the review (a fairly rare occurance) as well as all the previous comments.

    I find they fill a niche for me. A niche that comes up often.
    Not a short smoke, but not a long one either.
    Just right for a quick weeknight smoke or in the car.
    But… NO shortage of flavor or satisfaction as is often the case with a “niche filler”.

    I do find that the draw and somewhat the taste is better if smoked from the cap end.

    I couldn’t care less about the looks.
    This is NOT what I go to when I want a fine smoke
    to first admire and have with an ultra-fine libation while sitting on velvet cushions and being served by Barbara Eden.

    These won’t bore you either strength or flavor-wise.
    I find the strength borderline to much for a casual smoke, but I keep comming back.
    Flavor is as described, though a bit less complex than the larger vitolas.
    Always a certain corojo tang at the least, plus just
    good tobacco flavors and always satisfying.

    Heaven knows the price is right!
    Gonna grab a bulk pak to keep ‘em around at all times.

    I don’t buy them at the BM store though.
    Don’t even shop there.
    We make our own BM here.

  • Lloyd L. says:

    Received a pack of these from none other than the man himself. Great tobacco flavor a nice hit of spice at the beginning. Thanks for the soft pack, Jesus. They’re wonderful.