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J. Fuego Gran Reserva Corojo No. 1

Submitted by Rob on December 24, 2008 – 11:20 am4 Comments

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Sungrown Corojo
Filler: Nicaragua
Size: Robusto (5×52)
Strength: Medium-Full

Gran Reserva Corojo No.1 is a wonderful cigar by J. Fuego.

The Gran Reserva Corojo No.1 has a filler that is actually composed of ligero from Nicaragua, Honduras, and Viso from a location that is unknown (it’s a secret?). The binder on the J. Fuego No. 1 is from Costa Rica and the beautiful wrapper is a Sun Grown Honduran Corojo. Like all of Jesus Fuegos cigars the Gran Reserva Corojo is made with aged leaf and additionally aged in cedar before shipping.

The J. Fuego Gran Reserva Corojo No. 1can be found in a simple black wooden box that comes packed with 20 cigars wrapped in cellophane.

Construction: J. Fuego’s cigars generally come in a cellophane wrapper and the Gran Reserva Corojo No. 1 is no exception. Remove the protective sleeve and you will immediately notice the red-ish hue the sungrown Corojo wrapper gives off. The Corojo wrapper has some small subtle veins that do not effect on the burn and an oily wrapper that will make your mouth drool. As you would expect from a “premium” cigar the tobacco is packed firm and the pinch test passed with flying colors. J. Fuego has a beautifully rolled cigar and it’s quite apparent your getting a high quality smoke.

Draw: J. Fuego’s Robusto has to be broken down into two segments. Initially the draw on the Gran Reserva is a little tight. However it is not restrictive enough to the point that you can’t use a punch. As you move into the 2/3 portion of the Corojo cigar the draw really opens up. At this point (2/3 and on) you have a perfect draw.

Burn: Jesus Fuego’s No. 1 cigar has to be considered a “premium” cigar. When anything falls in this category I can only expect or even demand perfection. The Corojo had a jagged burn but it was even and smooth. If the cigar was in the $5 range I would give it a perfect rating. Being picky as it’s a stick that cost $8 and up I will say it’s pretty good. The ash was thick and white through the entire cigar.

Taste: Pre-light on the corjo cigar gives you a sense of sweetness, a woodsy profile, and a light coffee smell.

The initial light of the No. 1 brings you into an immediate world of Corojo cigars. This was expected because Corojo wrappers have a very distinct taste that you will always pick up on. For the entire 1/3 of the smoke you get a Corojo taste with the light spice finish. The smoke is full and thick and the ash is very solid.

At the 2/3 point your cigar profile will really change and you get to taste the blend of the cigar (instead of the wrapper). Coffee was the primary taste that I drew from the Gran Reserva cigar. You find a hint of “sweetness” with every puff and the spice is getting a bit stronger. The cigar is still in a medium body spectrum but you can feel it moving into the full range. Smoke has a more creamy profile to it as the J. Fuego has opened up and made the draw perfect.

The final stages of the smoking experience happen to be in the full body range. Unfortunately the spice has died down considerably but the cigar actually introduces some new flavors. I get a little “woody” hint with a “nutty” profile. The sweetness is still there and finishes off the flavors perfectly.

Final Verdict: I really love this cigar. The J. Fuego Gran Reserva Corojo No. 1has become one of my “go to” cigars that I can always count on. Looking past the imperfect burn is super easy due to the wonderful body, taste, and smoke the cigar creates. Prices at a B&M usually sit around $8.50 and worth every penny. Doing a little internet shopping will allow you to pick this up in the $6.50 range which makes this cigar a great deal. I would, and I will, suggest you buy a box (comes in 20) of the J. Fuego Gran Reserva Corojo No. 1.

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