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J. Fuego Casa Fuego

Submitted by Rob on May 12, 2010 – 3:00 am2 Comments

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano
Filler: Corojo
Size: Toro (6 1/2×52)
Strength: Medium

It’s quite easy for someone to sit down and review or discuss the next cigar of the year. Talking about this type of cigar has no shortage of interesting facts, unique histories, complex tobaccos and especially high price tags. Price points that not every smoker in our community has the luxury of affording, so we have decided to start profiling some of the less expensive cigars that one might find online or through the local B&M.

Many boutique cigar manufactures will create a line that can be distributed online to help bring brand awareness, please the budget conscious shopper but most importantly please the online retailer who can bring in much needed capital due to the high volume of sales. Most of the time the savings will reach the consumer by creating a “sandwich” blend, a short and medium sized filler inside a long filler, or by using a lower grade wrapper (or filler) on the cigar. Up first for review will be the J. Fuego Casa Fuego sold exclusively by Cigars International.

Construction: The J. Fuego Casa Fuego has a beautiful honey or caramel colored wrapper that seems to be slightly spongy. This would indicate to me that the cigar was created in the “sandwich” style but this information was not indicated on the retailers website (and the website is known to be vague on budget lines). You might find one large vein that can be felt with the fingers but this will not effect the way the Casa Fuego burns.

Draw: Perfection. Regardless of what price point J. Fuego is trying to hit he will always ensure his cigars draw (and burn) with absolute perfection. Feel free to punch, cut, bite or poke this cigar – you will get a perfect draw.

Burn: Again, J. Fuego prides himself on the way his cigars burn and this is evident even in the cigars that have a lower MSRP. You can see from the pictures inserted that this cigar burns very evenly, holds an ash and does not require any touch-ups.

Flavor: The J. Fuego Casa Fuego has a pretty consistent flavor from start to finish. It is slightly woody, has a nice amount of like peppery spice and delivers a smooth creamy smoke. The body always maintains in the medium range and will be easy for anyone to smoke. Throughout the Fuego you will notice instances of something sweet, almost caramel like, that keeps your palate entertained and happy.

I would like to note that these cigars are good when smoked young but turn into something … beautiful with just a few months of resting time. So if you order a box (which I will suggest you do in the “Final Verdict” section) set them aside and let the Casa Fuego cigars fully develop.

Final Verdict: You can purchase the J. Fuego Casa Fuego at Cigars International in boxes of 29 (21 + “Freebies“) for 95 dollars – $3.30 a stick. But allow me to give you a savvy shopper tip: Go to the CI auction or offer site and you can pick up a box for about $40 – so everything comes out to just under $2 a stick. So for $40 I suggest that everyone goes out and buys a box. Casa Fuego is a phenomenal budget cigar that will find their way in your regular smoking rotation. And if your still a little hesitant about buying the cigar just know that this is something you wont be ashamed to send in the good ole “cigar bomb“.

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  • Niles says:

    You fool, that’s no sandwich cigar….

  • Sticks says:

    Nice review but I can’t say that I enjoyed my eight pack sampler. I experienced a harsh cigar and I do have one left that I will smoke this weekend. Maybe they needed six months of resting time.