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J. Fuego 777 Brazilian Corojo

Submitted by Rob on April 22, 2009 – 12:37 amNo Comment

Wrapper: Brazilian Corojo
Filler: Nicaragua
Size: Corona (5.5×46)
Strength: Medium-Full

J. Fuego Brazilian 777Brazilian Corjo wrapper is making its way into the cigar industry. Development of this wrapper took approximately 3 years before it was deemed worthy enough to introduce. The first wrapper of this type will be used by the masterful J. Fuego.

And why did J. Fuego get this privilege?

Well, his father happens to be the grower of the the Brazilian Corojo. This means it will be exclusive for the first couple of months before the Corojo is then sold to other producers of cigars.

Have you ever wondered if you were really getting a good value on your cigars? Let me give you another tidbit of cool information:

Jesus Fuego requires all of his cigars to be fully packed with tobacco. Take a 777 (or anything in his line) and, with sizes being equal, you will almost always find that the Fuego cigar weighs more than the other stick your comparing it to.

Try this little test at home and let me know what kind of results you come up with.

Now enjoy a brief introduction from Dean Laffey, representative to J. Fuego cigars at Casa Fuma cigar lounge:

Construction: The Brazilian Corjo wrapper makes a mouth dropping cinnamon brown wrapper with a red tint. It appeared to be a little toothy with very minimal veins. You will never find a cigar from J. Fuego that has soft spots, it just wont happen.

Draw: J. Fuego cigars typically have a medium draw that require just a little tug to pull the smoke through due to the amount of tobacco used in sticks. That being said, I would recommend cutting the Brazilian Corjo and everything will be downright perfect.

Burn: puffingcigars.com should make a standard canned response for some of these cigar makers, J. Fuego being one, that tells you just now perfect the burn is. Since I don’t have one just yet so let me give you these words: “perfect“, “straight“, “amazing ash“, and “great smoke“.

Taste: Light this stogie up and get ready for the Brazilian spice. There is a bit of earthiness that I can just make out over the spice and it’s a great flavor combination. But quickly into the first 1/3 of the J. Fuego the spice settles down and that earthy flavor makes more of a pairing instead of just being an undertone. The Brazilian Corojo is leaving my palate dry.

At the midpoint of the cigar the spice is settling in the back of my throat. Earthiness seems to be the main profile my palate is picking up. There is a sweetness you can also sense (maybe depending on how sensitive your palate is). The J. Fuego is really, really, starting to mellow out now.

Welcome spicy cedar. I thought I was picking this up at the end of the middle and I’m glad it’s here. Earthiness is the major flavor profile still, an interesting earthiness I contribute to the Corojo wrapper. The body has increased and still remains in the top end of the medium or the low end of the full spectrum.

Brazilian Corjo J Fuego

Final Verdict: J. Fuego 777 Brazilian Corojo will have a low $5.xx price range. With a great price point, a dynamite blender, and a really unique Brazilian Corjo wrapper backing this cigar you must absolutely give it a try. It’s interesting, it’s complex, and all around great so I won’t blame you for buying a box (I did).

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