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Illusione Nosotros

Submitted by Jay Z on July 13, 2010 – 4:00 amNo Comment

Wrapper: Corojo
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: Churchill (7×48)
Strength: Medium-Full

The long awaited Nosotros by Illusione, in conjunction with Drew Estate, is finally on the shelves of your local retailer. Nosotros was introduced at the 2009 IPCPR but was delayed in shipment for various reasons. So in the middle of the 2010 years Dion was finally able to grace up with his new creation.

I found this brief piece of information floating around the internet that I think best describes the cigar I am smoking today:
The Illusione Nosotros Cigars are rolled by Drew Estates in Nicaragua and are the latest creation from Illusione. Unlike most cigars made by Drew Estates, these cigars are not infused cigars but rather a blend of fine tobaccos from Nicaragua with a Corojo ’99 wrapper, Nicaraguan fillers, and Connecticut Habano binder. Because “Nosotros” means “us” this is symbolic of Illusione and Drew Estates joining forces to produce another fantastic cigar. Dion Giolito of Illusione says that these cigars are best described as. “Spicy and clean on the palate with richness and power that really sneaks up on you. The blend is well out of my comfort zone and very nonpareil to my other lines. As it turned out, the first combination of tobaccos that we experimented with wound up being the final blend.

And with that lets being the smoking process!

Construction: I have to give credit to Drew Estate, the creators of this cigar, because there is not a single cigar in any of their lines that has any type of construction issues. It has a beautiful wrapper with minimal to no veins, its packed full of tobacco and most importantly it will make you feel like you are spending your hard earned money on something with value and quality.

Draw: Punch it, cut it, bite it, v-cut, use a golf tee – the Nosotros will not care. You will get a perfect draw with medium resistance and plenty of mouth coating smoke.

Burn: You can’t ask for anything more from any cigar. The burn is straight and never requires any sort of touch-ups. I was even able to sit my cigar down for a good 10 minute phone conversation and it picked up right where I left off.

Flavor: Nosotros is going to start off with a big bang. There is an immediate rush of spice in the draw and exhale that will linger on your palate for sometime. Have you ever looked for a cigar to smoke that would produce the thickest amount of smoke possible to practice making smoke rings? Well if so then look no further because the Nosotros smoke is thick, spicy and coats every inch of your palate.

Moving into the second third of the Nosotros doesn’t bring about many, if any, changes to the cigar. The overall flavor profile is that of spice and the smoke is still thick and… spicy. Perhaps the strength of the spice does go down a bit to allow for more of the tobacco flavor to come through. This subtle change is enjoyable and quite welcomed.

You will start to get a subtle sweetness from the cigars finish as you come up to the final 1/3. Your palate is still going to be blasted with spice but with smooth tobacco flavor and new sweetness it becomes an amazing full body cigar. I say this because full body cigars tend to end a bit dull and just full of body, or in other words boring as the complexity dies.

Final Verdict: I’ve never told you to not pick up anything from Illusione and I’m not about to start now. This is a cigar that full body smokers and smokers who enjoy a red pepper type of spice should pick up. Oh – and the smokers who need a cigar that puts an amazing amount of thick smoke for that smoke ring practice. I will warn you to pick up a few sticks before making a purchase due to the price tag of about $12.

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