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Illusione Epernay Le Ferme

Submitted by Rob on October 19, 2009 – 5:00 am2 Comments

Wrapper: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Size: Le Ferme – Robusto Extra (5.25×48)
Strength: Medium

Construction: Illusione Epernay Le Ferme has a light milk chocolate colored wrapper. Minimal sheen on the but oils can be seen. Veins are also minimal although you may find a medium sized vein or two that can not be felt. There are no soft spots on any of the cigars throughout the cab.

Draw: Illusione Epernay Le Ferme has a perfect cigar draw from start to finish. It has the right amount of resistance that I wish every cigar was created with.

Burn: These Epernay has a clean straight burn that does not require any corrections. The ash being produced is light and peppery in color.

Taste: Illusione Epernay Le Ferme is a mild bodied cigar that has may hints on the palate. You will get a lot of faint flavors that are easy on the palate. In the first 1/3 of the cigar you will get some spice, grass, and lots of sweet smooth smoke.

The middle of Illusione Epernay Le Ferme is where the cigar really starts to pick up in the medium body range. The complexity of the smoke, in general, has picked up for our enjoyment. The Le Ferme is really bright and floral and the smoke starts to get thicker while coating your mouth with some wood notes. You will encounter some spice that will linger in and out and pair really nicely with whatever the cigar is bringing to your palate at the current time.

From start to finish the Illusione Epernay Le Ferme will develop more flavors and more complexity. It will stay consistent and smooth down to the nub. You will continue to get the spice, floral, wood, and cool creamy smoke that makes the cigar appropriate at all times.

Final Verdict: The Illusione Epernay has a final price tag in the  $9.xx range. The Illusione Epernay is one of our all time favorite releases of cigars. This is a cigar that you should buy in bulk and keep handy at all times. Enjoy this as the first cigar in the morning or the last smoke in the evening – either way you will never be disappointed. Buy a cab, buy 3 cabs, just make sure you have plenty laying around.


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  • grant says:

    Complexity, something most cigars are lacking. However, the epernay does provide some complexity making it one cigar that I reach for on a regular basis.

  • Davis Martin says:

    Wonderful post. The information was critical and I would love to have a smoke with little flavor. In addition to this, I have a wonderful cigar to share. You must be aware of the Cohiba Cigars. They are so rich in taste and are very classy. I am sure you are aware of them, are you?
    Loved your website. Going to add to my favorites!