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Illusione CG4

Submitted by Rob on April 14, 2009 – 3:05 am2 Comments

Wrapper: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: White Horse – Corona Gorda (5.625×48)
Strength: Medium

Illusione CG4Dion Giolito is the mastermind behind the Illusione Cigars brand. Dion wanted to use Nicaraguan tobacco (his favorite) to create the clean, bold stick that he could honestly say was his favorite cigar to smoke. He will not place or ship the cigars in Cedar boxes because the Cedar will play too large of a role in a cigars flavor profile. However, Illusione cigars spend 35-90 days, depending on the stick, in a cedar aging room. Mr. Giolito insists on keeping everything small batch so he can truly monitor the production and quality of the smokes. will be reviewing all of the Illusione cigars because the line has a unique blend specifically made for the size.

Full text from the Illusione website:
The concept behind Illusione Cigars was to re-create a specific taste profile from years past. Before the Sandinistas took over Nicaragua in 1979, Nicaragua was growing some of the best tobaccos in the world. The cigars made from these prized fields in the Jalapa Valley and Esteli region were strong, bold and clean. After years of neglect, these old Somoza fields have been re-cultiviated by the legendary master grower Arcenio Ramos of Cuba. Along with Fernano, Chandito and famed Cuban agronomist Jacinto, Arsenio has assembled the varitable “dream team” of tobacco production. They have re-grown these humble acres to yield their fullest potential once again. All Illusione cigars are made from first generation Corojo ’99, Criollo ’98 seeds, wrapped with a grade one Café Colorado wrapper, and finished with a traditional triple cap in the premier Raices Cubanas factory. Illusione cigars deliver a taste and a quality of smoke rarely found in today’s market. All of Illusione cigars are made in small-batch quantities to maintain quality and consistency.

Construction: Illusion CG4 is is a no-thrills looking type of cigar that says “I might not be fancy but I mean business.” The cigar has a silky smooth dark brown wrapper with very little veins and no blemishes. Tobacco is stuffed into this stick and easily passes the pinch test. Everything is finished with a triple cap and a very simple, unobtrusive, white band.

Draw: With great construction, a large amount of tobacco, and under “boutique production” you can only ask for one thing: A perfect draw. That’s exactly what the CG4 delivers.

Burn: Illusione CG4 has a slightly jagged burn (at times) but the cigar will never require any kind of touchups. This is another great ashing cigar that is peppery in color and produces some of the smoothest, cool-clean tasting smoke that you will ever experience (Can you tell I love this cigar yet?).

Taste: The excitement of smoking the Illusione CG4 starts from the moment you crack open the box (you will purchase a box). A light caramel and tobacco smell will the air and make your mouth water. The CG4 leaves a sweet taste when you give it the pre-light draw.

Flavors are running through this cigar from the first light. It almost seems like you have the perfect mixture of spice, caramel, nuts,  and great tobacco.  There wasn’t one flavor that stood out at any point during the first 1/3. They all shared an equal role and made full circle to reintroduce each other. The smoke at this point has a medium body (where it will stay) that really does leave your pallet feeling fresh.

The midpoint of the Illusione CG4 is where the body marginally increases but remains in the medium spectrum. You will notice the nutty flavor become more of a roasted, or warm, nutty flavor. A sweet leather tone has replaced the standard sweetness and the light spice still resides. There are some new profiles that are introduced and I can only describe them as a rich earthiness.

While this is how the Illusione CG4 finishes I would like to note that you never loose the real tobacco taste. The smoke always keeps the pallet feeling fresh and clean.

Illusione CG4

Final Verdict: At the local lounge you should find this cigar in the mid $6.xx to low $7.xx price range. For such a smooth and complex smoke the Illusione CG4 is a definite buy. This is one of the best cigars on the market and I can assure you a box will find a way in your humidor. This is one of the only cigars that has found its way into my daily rotation.

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