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H. Upmann Petit Coronas – Great Choice for Beginners

Submitted by Oliver on June 7, 2013 – 7:42 amNo Comment

H.Upmann cigars are among my favorite, smoking them brings me a lot of pleasure, and sometimes I don’t even want to change them to something new. So since I’ve smoked the Petit Coronas for several times already, I decided to read or, better, type out loud my thoughts about this little but very significant cigar in the H.Upmann line.

This particular cigar looked great, moreover, most of them look great, bearing in mind that I have smoked dozens of Petit Coronas till now. I think that Cubans understand that this brand is one of our favorite, so it has to be flawless and look great, if not perfect.

This particular cigar had some visible veins on it and was a little lumpy to the touch which gave it a rustic look. And I must admit, I like such appearances, it indicates (to me, at least) that someone has put his heart into it; it should be a good one!

The draw was easy – at this one, to be precise, because I had a few which were a little bit tight and I had to retouch them while smoking.  The draw is an essential part, particularly at these stogies, since I am smoking them when I have a little time, and having to retouch them while smoking would take too much time which I don’t have.

The cigar is light to medium, and is good both for beginners and even for the experienced aficionados who like lightening up from time to time. It was very sweet all the way to the nub, although developed into more complex flavors of dark espresso with pepper notes at the end, leaving a very strong coffee aftertaste in the mouth.

So my final opinion would be that you hurry and buy a box or two of these wonderful stogies while they’re still in stock because they are great for an everyday smoke and for those who like puffing one or two while on break at work or in a cold morning, with a cup of hot coffee.

I bought a couple of boxes from www.My-Cuban-Cigars.com , and I’m still savouring them .I hope they’ll have some boxes left when I finish mine, so, guys, if you are reading my message, I will be back very soon, I hope you’re already waiting for me! ;)

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