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Garo Aniversario X

Submitted by Rob on January 25, 2010 – 12:00 amNo Comment

Wrapper: Corojo
Filler: Seco Cubano/Lijero Peru, Nicaragua, Criollo 98 & Cubano
Size: Belicoso (6 1/4 x 54)
Strength: Medium

Allow us at to be one of the first, so my limited research shows, to introduce you to Garo cigars. Licensed Chiropractor and President, Dr. Garo Bouldoukian has been developing this brand for over 10 years. Dr. Garo has been the sole blender of Garo Habano cigars since the company’s birth onto the world.  Today we will be reviewing one of their highest rated cigars – the Garo Aniversario X.

So that being said, let’s see how the marketing material form Garo defines this cigar: “…Garo’s new Aniversary X(10) cigars offer four Cubanesque shapes (Salomon, “A”, Belicoso and Toro Gordo). Aniversario X (10) is a full bodied, beautifully-constructed masterpiece, easily one of the finest cigars to come along in quite a while.

The sun-grown Corojo wrapper finishes a complex and intriguing blend of the finest Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos. The result is a taste and structure almost indistinguishable from fabled Havanas of the 50s and 60s. Bold, clean and entrancing, the cigar is certain to find devotes from every segment of the cigar smokers’ realm.

The finest and most exclusive humidors in the world will make room for the cigar.

Construction: Garo Aniversario X is wrapped in an elegant light brown wrapper with some medium sized veins. While the veins are medium in size they can’t really be felt with the fingers. Tobacco is packed in nice and tight leaving no soft spots and the cap is put on with perfection.

Draw: Smoking the  Garo Aniversario X belicoso means that our cutting options are somewhat limited and you can pull out any standard issue accessory. An interesting observation – these belicosos have a flat head so if you had a small punch you would also be able to open the stogie up. The draw had some resistance that required just a little tough, not enough to become cumbersome, and provided a good amount of smooth smoke.

Burn: Garo Aniversario X created one of the brightest ash I have seen on any cigar in long time. The ash did very well at holding on until I was ready to dispense of it. Burn can be described as slightly jagged, generally straight and required no sort of correction through the entire smoking process.

Flavor: Initial light introduced an interesting spice on the lips and a very smooth tobacco tasting smoke on the palate. However this upfront spice quickly faded away and only started lingering in the aftertaste. In this initial 1/3 of the cigar you aren’t going to differentiate tons of different tobacco profiles. You simply, and enjoyably, get great mixture of tobaccos that are smooth and easy.

Perhaps the most notable change in the middle of the cigar is the body and spice. The body still only slightly increases remaining in the medium range and the spice tends to remain on the palate slightly longer.

No other changes can be noted on the Garo Aniversario X as it comes to an end. This cigar was very consistent from beginning to end and produces a smooth smoke of the true tobacco flavors. Being so consistent and marrying the tobacco flavors really well makes the Garo Aniversario X a great candidate for that morning coffee. In doing some research you will find Dr.Garo (the creator) does a lot of sales in the European market. This cigar is a slightly more full body cigar than you would find in that market.

Final Verdict: Retailing at $8.xx the Garo Garo Aniversario X this is a cigar I think everyone should try. If you are looking for the full body power house – stay away.  However, if you want something that is consistent, smooth, good and goes very well with a drink – then stock up now. You will also notice the quality and amount of tobacco just stuffed into these sticks makes it a great bargain.

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