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Submitted by Rob on June 30, 2009 – 5:37 amOne Comment

Wrapper: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Size: Robusto Grande (5 x 52)
Strength: Medium

Construction: The G.A.R. LUX has a “milk chocolate” colored wrapper that I like to call the “Supermodel of wrappers“.  This beauty had no flaws, no major veins and an exquisite triple cap that just screamed excellence. Tobacco was stuffed in this G.A.R. LUX giving us the perfect, unblemished stogie.

Draw: Perfection continues for the G.A.R. LUX as just the right amount of smoke comes through each and every draw. Feel free to cut or punch this wonderful G.A.R. cigar.

Burn: The G.A.R. LUX had an even crisp burn that progressed at just the right rate creating a thick white ash. It is also important to mention that the smoke is cool from start to finish. During the smoking process you will only ash once.

Taste: The G.A.R. LUX is a very consistent, complex, complete cigar from start to finish.

G.A.R. LUX introduces your palate to a woodsy smoke that is dry on the palate. Secondary in the major profiles is going to be a spice that lingers in the back of your throat or that is picked up in the nose. A touch of earthiness is lingering from first light and becomes subtly stronger as the spice begins to tone down.

Mid point of the G.A.R. LUX is when the stogie really begins to warm up and the flavors become more “toasty“. Your spice is going to slightly dissipate and you will notice more of the warm earthy flavor. The smoke is still leaving your palate dry but the smoke is very clean and cool.

The spice has settled out of the flavor equation but the G.A.R. LUX is still extremely enjoyable. You will enjoy the nice, thick, cool smoke that is being produced. Earthy, toasty, woodsy are all hints that remain. You may get a touch of leather towards the end of this fabulous cigar.

Final Verdict: The G.A.R. LUX is in the $6.xx – 7.xx price range. This is a good cigar that anyone can pick up and immediately know you have a piece of tobacco perfection. The G.A.R. is splendidly complex and flavorful and the body is just warm enough for everyone to enjoy (and at anytime). I can guarantee you this stogie will only get better with age. With that being said: BUY THE G.A.R. LUX.


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