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Di Fazio Picoso

Submitted by Rob on October 27, 2009 – 2:00 amOne Comment

Wrapper: Honduran
Filler: Honduran
Size: Double Robusto (5 x 60)
Strength: Medium-Full

Di Fazio PicosoLooking for some new and interesting cigars to review for puffingcigars.com we hit the streets of Twitter for some recommendations. We were quickly bombarded with recommendations but a few had mentioned a brand that we have yet to try, Di Fazio Cigars.

This is a fairly new cigar company formed by Carmelo Di Fazio a television executive from Miami who has always had a passion for smoking. They are rolled in the Fabrica de Tabacos Raices Cubanas S. de R.L. factory in Honduras (same company that rolls Illusione and Alec Bradley)

The Di Fazio Pico, much like their other cigars, comes in four available sizes: Robusto, Double Robusto, Churchill, and the Torpedo.

And here is the information from the website: “Dark brown wrapper and intense flavor. When you light it up, the flavor is very strong but it smoothes in the palate as the cigar is consumed. Once half the cigar has been smoked, the aficionado experiences a thrilling in crescendo intensity, to finish the cigar with the intensity of a strong cigar full of personality.

Construction: Wrapper is a dark chocolate color that makes the red band (with gold outline) look absolutely amazing. You will find a medium sized vein that runs through the stick that can barley be felt with the fingers. No soft spots. packed full of tobacco giving it a nice firmness.

Draw: The Di Fazio Picoso has a perfect draw. You can cut, punch, or even get creative with the V cut and you will not be disappointed. You get a fair amount of smooth smoke with each and every single puff.

Burn: The burn on the Di Fazio Picoso is cool, even, and creates a nice thick ash. The ash is slightly gray in color and doesn’t come off until you give it a nice firm tap.

Di Fazio CigarsFlavor: You will get a blast of spice upon first light of this Di Fazio cigar. However, very quickly into the first few puffs the spice dies and the overall smoke becomes very smooth. You get a woodsey and grassy taste to the cigar with a mild-medium body. The smoke is thick enough to swirl and will just leave a slight hint of that spice you experienced in the beginning. The ash at this point is a light gray in color.

Middle of the cigar: The most noticeable change is in the body of the Di Fazio cigar. It’s a medium body. The grassy, woodsey notes are now secondary as that initial spice returns. Overall it’s a very smooth smoke that is not coating my palate with any prominent flavors.

The final third of the cigar did not change from the middle. You will end of with a medium body cigar that has a hint of wood behind the straight tobacco taste. This smooth smoking Di Fazio pairs really well with coffees.

Final Verdict: The cigar retails for about $9.xx. The Di Fazio Picoso is a really good cigar that people should try if they enjoy smooth smokes that pair really well with coffee drinks. You get a blast of spice in the beginning that finishes to a smooth, no nonsense, cigar. I would suggest you pick up this cigar and give it a shot for your self. Since they are a new company you have have to have your local B&M order some for you. If that doesn’t work then call the company up and let them know what you’re looking for, they are super personable and easy to work with!

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